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My Kelly

Kelly Drinking From Tub

This is Kelly. We’ll be celebrating her 20th birthday this August. I’ve had her for 19 years. When we rescued her from the Newmarket Humane Society they guestimated her age to be 1 year. She’d been found with a litter of kittens. She looked so sad in her cage and reached her little paws out of the cage to touch us and she had such a sorryful cry..we had to take her home. She is so clever. The older she gets the more clever and understanding of routines she is. We have a good little understanding she and me… For her age although she definitely sleeps more she is full of spunk and doesn’t have a problem jumping on to the window sill, or the counter and flies on the bed at bedtime.

This is a picture of her drinking some water out of my nice, very warm bath tub. She loves it! She requires her water to be cold and straight out of the faucet…but warrrmmm bath water is yum too. In the other picture she seems to be having a long stretch and doesn’t want to hear about anything else going on.



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