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Story Behind the Creations Gift Basket

This is one of my favourite soaps (apart from Lavender) that I enjoy making. It has a wonderful lather and contains goat’s milk to give it the properties as well as the milky look. I embed different coloured soap chunks so the effect is jewel like. It smells fabulous…fruity.

Good Life Fitness in town is having an auction so last night I dropped off a basket for them. I included a whole variety of my handmade products including a pair of earrings that had a leaf on it which hung from a little silver chain…dangling off the silver hook. I hope it will help them with their cause. I took a picture of it before I ran out the door to deliver it.

I invite you to visit my Creations by Judi online store.

Assorted Gift Basket


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Jojoba Plant – Babysitting

My youngest son and his girlfriend moved to British Columbia..well it was just a “visit” for maybe a couple of months. It ends up that actually it’ll be 2 years now in August, but it sounds like they are missing their friends and family and will move back this summer. Before leaving they left each of the family members with a responsibility…looking after a plant(s) of theirs until the move back. We each take good care and that extra attention gets personal because we all miss them. Here is one of the plants I was given to cherish and I believe it is a  joya. I was so excited when it bloomed! The flowers are almost like porcelain and give off a beautiful, sweet scent but in the evenings only. Pretty.


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