Jojoba Plant – Babysitting

My youngest son and his girlfriend moved to British Columbia..well it was just a “visit” for maybe a couple of months. It ends up that actually it’ll be 2 years now in August, but it sounds like they are missing their friends and family and will move back this summer. Before leaving they left each of the family members with a responsibility…looking after a plant(s) of theirs until the move back. We each take good care and that extra attention gets personal because we all miss them. Here is one of the plants I was given to cherish and I believe it is a  joya. I was so excited when it bloomed! The flowers are almost like porcelain and give off a beautiful, sweet scent but in the evenings only. Pretty.



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  1. Eva

    I miss you so much. The plant looks great. And just so you know….the plant is your now, I could never take it back.

    Chat with you on MSN 😉

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