Madeline in the Sandbox

This is my granddaughter Madeline who will be 3 in July. She is my only grandchild at this point. How surprised we all were to have a little girl in the family since to this point we had all boys..except for me. :o) I have one brother who has 2 sons, and my ex has one brother who has 2 sons and I have 2 sons. I was always so happy to have 2 boys. Boys are just what they are – boys…and thats great. Madeline is such a .. girl. She is SO good and she has always been so entertaining. Little girls clothes are sooo cute. I have made her some things…a quilted bunting bag, fleece poncho and hat, blankets etc. I started knitting her a little sweater but she outgrew it before I actually had it finished.

I found this little pattern for a little dress. I also found this material that I think will work well. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Madeline’s DressMadeline’s Dress Material



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2 responses to “Madeline

  1. memmu

    Judi, here I am, visiting your blog… and you know what, I ALSO have 2 boys :)!!! Sometimes I miss having a girl though because I had so many sisters…

  2. Aren’t boys great? I always did want at least one of each but boys are so much fun. I am thoroughly enjoying this little granddaughter….such a little girl.

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