Memorial Day in the USA


It turned out to be a beautiful weekend in Waterport, NY for Memorial Day. Last weekend was Victoria Day here in Canada and this weekend Memorial Day. Our arrangement, Marc’s and mine gives us extra celebrations each year. Marc is from Waterport, NY and I am in Aurora, Ontario. The weekends always find us either here or there and we have the opportunity to celebrate some holidays double.

For instance we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October, American Thanksgiving in November, July 1st Canada Day and 4th of July in the States and as I mentioned above we have two celebrations in May.

This weekend we shared a picnic with friends for Memorial Day. Everyone brought something yummy to pass. We like to try something new and what better way to share something new?…. with guinea pigs….people who are willing to sample something that everyone is sampling for the first time. This could be risky but generally either everyone is polite or we have been lucky with our choices. We made…..

Vadelia Onion and Cheese Dip… Very yummy and very easy to prepare. Ingredients:

3 large vadelia onions chopped coarsely, 1 cup mayo, 2 cups grated cheddar cheese, 1/2 tsp. minced garlic, 1 tbsp tabasco sauce (or to taste) – we added more, a few red pepper flakes. Thats it!

All you do is saute the onions until they are nicely soft and have that nice yellow/brown glow. Mix the other ingredients in a bowl and add the onions. Place in a 1-1/2 quart greased casserole and bake 30 minutes uncovered at 375F. We served them with those neat square Triskets or you could also use scoopables or nacho chips. We had requests for the recipe. :o)

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