Mail That Alarm Clock…Cat!

Kelly Sleeping

I’m tired today! Up with the cat…darn Kelly! I normally could depend on her as an alarm to wake me up for work. Her internal clock is always as good as mine might be on a good day. Normally she calls me from outside my room with a certain noise I swear sounds like “muuum…nowww”. She knows where my first stop out of bed is…and then the next stop is to give her a tablespoon of canned food…her first “treat” of the day  followed by the same when I come home from work. In between she can graze on Science Diet dry food throughout the day. Anyway…this is the second time this week she is UP on my bed roaming around me in such a state…making such a howling noise…35 minutes before I have to even THINK of getting up. I don’t know where that’s coming from. I didn’t get to bed very early last night and her insistence was not appreciated.

This is a picture of her in a cozy position…in a lettersized envelope box I’ve had sitting in that spot for about 4 years…I replace it as I need to…you can see she is all curled perfect in it…resting…as I quietly snip her picture. Maybe I’ll close the top one day and mail her to someone else who requires an alarm clock!

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