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Baby Shower & Gift

731428792207_0_bg.jpgJungle Scene Chenille Like Baby BlanketClose up of Baby Blanket

Janet had her baby shower yesterday. She’s due on June 28th…her dad’s birthday is on the 30th. Maybe he’ll get a very special birthday present this year. :o) The shower was held at a lovely dance studio that belongs to one of her best friends. The little one received so many presents. Its all so exciting. I think its going to be a boy and I believe apart from her mother-in-law we’re all guessing she’s carrying like “a boy”.  We can’t wait. One of the presents I gave her was this baby blanket I made. It is made up of different layers and cut and the more you wash it the more chenille like it becomes. The closeup picture was taken before the required washings were done to create the chenille look.

The fabric is wonderful. I will be offering some in my store but in a different print. I’ve had quite a bit of interest in this blanket as well as requests for instructions. I had seen someone elses version of a chenille type blanket someplace once and I came home and worked at making my own version of it. Although I’ve never made a pattern I may work at one for this blanket that I can put up for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Now we’ll just sit and wait for the little bundle of joy to arrive..


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Berroco Peruvia Flower Bouquet

Berroco has a Free Pattern to make this bouquet of knit felt flowers. I think they are so neat. They say its easy to knit up. I think thats going to be one of my next new projects. Has anyone knit flowers?

Please send me a picture if you make make the flower bouquet. I’d love to see them. I bet it would look beautiful in multicolours as well…hmmmmmm…almost time to drop into the wool shop. But I know I can’t until I finish up a few more projects.


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Story Behind the Creations Gift Basket

This is one of my favourite soaps (apart from Lavender) that I enjoy making. It has a wonderful lather and contains goat’s milk to give it the properties as well as the milky look. I embed different coloured soap chunks so the effect is jewel like. It smells fabulous…fruity.

Good Life Fitness in town is having an auction so last night I dropped off a basket for them. I included a whole variety of my handmade products including a pair of earrings that had a leaf on it which hung from a little silver chain…dangling off the silver hook. I hope it will help them with their cause. I took a picture of it before I ran out the door to deliver it.

I invite you to visit my Creations by Judi online store.

Assorted Gift Basket

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Jojoba Plant – Babysitting

My youngest son and his girlfriend moved to British Columbia..well it was just a “visit” for maybe a couple of months. It ends up that actually it’ll be 2 years now in August, but it sounds like they are missing their friends and family and will move back this summer. Before leaving they left each of the family members with a responsibility…looking after a plant(s) of theirs until the move back. We each take good care and that extra attention gets personal because we all miss them. Here is one of the plants I was given to cherish and I believe it is a  joya. I was so excited when it bloomed! The flowers are almost like porcelain and give off a beautiful, sweet scent but in the evenings only. Pretty.


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My Kelly

Kelly Drinking From Tub

This is Kelly. We’ll be celebrating her 20th birthday this August. I’ve had her for 19 years. When we rescued her from the Newmarket Humane Society they guestimated her age to be 1 year. She’d been found with a litter of kittens. She looked so sad in her cage and reached her little paws out of the cage to touch us and she had such a sorryful cry..we had to take her home. She is so clever. The older she gets the more clever and understanding of routines she is. We have a good little understanding she and me… For her age although she definitely sleeps more she is full of spunk and doesn’t have a problem jumping on to the window sill, or the counter and flies on the bed at bedtime.

This is a picture of her drinking some water out of my nice, very warm bath tub. She loves it! She requires her water to be cold and straight out of the faucet…but warrrmmm bath water is yum too. In the other picture she seems to be having a long stretch and doesn’t want to hear about anything else going on.


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