Early Delivery

New Mother’s Teddy Bear Bracelet

The baby was born this weekend…on Saturday…5 days early. We were excited when we got a call on Friday evening that her water had broke and they were getting ready to go to the hospital. Things on Saturday were going along just fine and they were busy text messaging (in the labour room) and making cell phone calls to everyone about the progress. Everything was going as well as could be expected until the doctors discovered they would have to do a c-section.

We weren’t aware of any complications at 5:00 p.m. when we decided to drive to the hospital and wait there rather than wait for a call and then make the 1 hour drive. Well….we got there at 7:00 p.m.and waited in the birthing waiting room until 10:18 when the new little baby boy was born. We were able to see the baby before we left and he is gorgeous. 8 lbs and 21 inches in length. What an exciting evening it was. How happy the new mom and dad were….and the new grandpa….we all were. :o)

I made this bracelet for the new mom. It has a little silver teddy bear and 2 little charms, one reads JOY and the otehr LOVE. I know she likes the colour blue…



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2 responses to “Early Delivery

  1. bOpay

    hmmmm…very interesting!
    Thanks google

  2. It was an exciting time. Everything turned out very well. Hard to imagine he is 7 months old already.

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