Hospital Gift Basket


On Mother’s Day when I had gone in to see my father in the hospital, I brought a basket of my handmade soaps for the nurses and staff.  They had been so good to my father.








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3 responses to “Hospital Gift Basket

  1. Really nice of you to do that, it is very pretty and I would think reflects your personality. Sorry to read about your father, I

  2. I have no idea what happened I didn’t hit submit!!!!
    Have just discovered your blog today and was sorry to hear of your loss last year. I love your blog and have looked up a few sites you had links to….will do the felted knitted bag when it cools off a bit here[Sydney]

  3. Thank you for your kind comments on my site and about my father. I’d like to trade off some of our winter weather with you …we’re having another snow storm tomorrow. It sounds like you could use some cooling off. Send me a picture of the knitted bag if you get a chance to make it. Happy crafting…

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