New Bar Stool Cushions

I brought home  the 3 bar stool cushions from the cottage that needed to be replaced along with a pair of yellow multiflower curtains I would use to recover them with.  It was an easy task and all I had to do was take apart one of the old cushions and use that as a template for the cushion cover pieces and band.  I replaced the foam by cutting another thin piece the same size.  The width of the band was the width of the chair plus 3″.   

I sewed along 1/2″ along the side of the band and gathered up the threads, then pinned the gathered side to the right side of one of the cushion circles.  Then I sewed the band on.  I pinned the right side of the other cushion top to the right side of the first one keeping the band tucked inside.  I sewed the two cushions together leaving 4″ open and turned the cushions right side.  The new, thin foam I had cut to the size of the cushion was inserted, then I hand sewed the opening.  

After folding under 1/4″ of the band, ironing it I folded it again about 1/2″ wider than the 1″ elastic I was going to use.  Then I sewed along the edge of the fold to make a casing.  Attaching a safety pin to one end of the elastic I ran it through the casing.  Both ends of the elastic were sewn together.  I folded in both ends of the band which was a little longer than the stool and hand sewed the 2 ends together.  Thats all there was to it.  The elastic is tight enough to stay under the bar stool to hold the cushion snug. 

I’ve made one already and another 2 more to go.  Then I’ll use the rest to recover a rocker seat cover.   You just can’t see brightness of the yellow in this cushion.  It is pretty.

Bar Stool Cushion

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