tn_strawberry-cake-004.jpgIt took me 4 hours to drive home today. On the way I stopped and picked up more strawberries. I made a strawberry cake to share at work. During everything that has gone on lately they have been so supportive at work I wanted to thank them with this cake.

It is a 2 layer cake which is actually only made with barely 4 ingredients. Then I moistened the 2 layers with a special sugar and rum mixture then loaded the whip cream (lower fat version), strawberries, grapes and kiwi fruit. After it sits overnight it’ll be at its peak tomorrow and the next day. The Thank You note on the top is made on melted white chocolate. I’d share with you….

Our strawberries….tn_strawberrybunny.jpg

This weekend we bought strawberries and made 18 jars of strawberry jam. I don’t know what was up with the strawberries this year? I’ll share a few of them with you. Because I love bunnies…I could hardly eat this one. Just too much like a bunny..

These two looked like a Mrs. and Mr. Strawberry..


Then this was the beginnings of our dessert…a strawberry sundae. I couldn’t believe it…we took this picture made our sundaes and they looked so good we ate them before we realized we didn’t even get a picture to show you how wonderful they looked..mmmmmm..



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