Stairway to the Urban Hideaway


My “little” brother lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada map of B.C.and I never see him enough and years pass between our visits. This year he was here twice, the first time in April when he landscaped my parent’s front and back flower gardens. Three times people stopped to ask for his business card which was a great honour actually since he isn’t a landscaper and “only” plays around with it because he loves doing it.

Actually he and his significant other run a B&B in B.C. called the Urban Hideaway and the website is Its a busy spot.  They have met so many interesting people from around the world who have stayed at their Inn and enjoyed the wonderful place, location and hospitality.  He isn’t a carpenter either but looking at the pictures of his place with the wood floors and staircases and ALL the rest of the renovations he’s done you would wonder about that too!  I think there may be some Finnish influence in the house as well. 

The B&B is an 1800s Traveller’s Inn in B.C. amongst all the skyscrapers in downtown Vancouver. He built a large balcony at the back and his gardening skills and green thumb show an abandance of flowers and plants that you can’t imagine could grow like they do. Its like a wonderful, magical place. It is only a 15 minute walk from Stanley Park on the ocean. If you ever go that way…stop and stay a while and tell him hello from his “big” sister.



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2 responses to “Stairway to the Urban Hideaway

  1. Anahita

    Aloha, so glad to have found your blog.
    I am going to vancouver for the first time and found your brothers inn on the web. As soon as I saw the photos, I was immediately drawn to it and booked my room. I saw some blogs about other “inns” that were full of heroin addicts and I got a little worried that I jumped into my reservation without looking at one other hotel or hostel. The beautiful pics of the breaky table and the kitchen! The picture of the kitchen is what made me book it. The beautiful wood–it just looks cared for and conscious. If that makes sense. Thanks again, I will definately say hey.
    Peace, Anahita

  2. Anahita..aloha! When are you going to Vancouver? Thats so neat! Are you travelling from Hawaii? It is so beautiful. I have been to Oahu twice in the past few years. Let me know how your trip goes. I hope you have a wonderful time and yes say hi to Ken for me. Aloha.

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