Crafting New Ideas…

tn_makeupbag1.jpgDo you ever start making one thing and end up with something else? Thats what happened to me tonight. I have had this little Notebook and I’ve wanted to make a nice fabric cover for it. I had “Plan A” it all planned in my head I thought and I measured and remeasured and added more inches to it.


I found myself outline the flower prints with a machine outline…..and I sewed on some beads…and I sewed on a little silver ladybug. After ALL of them I realized it just wasn’t wide enough to take in the thick rings of this Notebook.

So on to “Plan B” and after I’d taken apart the seams and rearranged the little pocket inside and sewed it together again I ended up with a little pouch for makeup, or travel goods. I rather like it! Now I have a plan in my head again, this time for how my next makeup or travel pouch will the meantime I’ll keep thinking about exactly how I will cover the Notebook. I think I’ll put on a little strap.




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2 responses to “Crafting New Ideas…

  1. rich

    thats a nice site
    i wishi could do that

  2. Thank you Rich. is a great blog site, very easy to use and free! You have so many pictures you can put up and you can talk about your adventures. A great way to share. Give it a try!

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