Custom Made Bridal Party Necklace

Bridal Party Necklace(s) 

I custom made 5 wedding party necklaces for an August Wedding.  The beads were black with clear swarovski crystals.  The beads were crimped to a beading wire and created a look of floating when worn.  The wedding attendants will look stunning in black gowns and each wearing a necklace.  I have 2 more to finish up for the 2 children in the wedding party. 

 All 5 necklaces x 2 strands each hanging together…

In this picture I hung all 5 necklaces with their 2 strands each and I think they look like a really lovely necklace in one.  Don’t you?  I often make custom jewellery and enjoy doing that. 

A couple of years ago I made a necklace , bracelet and earrings for a bride’s mother using the slipper shoe she was going to wear to help choose the jewellery colours.   Often times I’ll remake a piece of jewellery that has been tucked away and not worn…or repaired jewellery from a bag of beads that had broken years ago.  Its fun to create knowing you have all the colours and beads that will make up a piece of jewellery and you get to choose the way it turns out…in most cases.  :o)  Fun….



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2 responses to “Custom Made Bridal Party Necklace

  1. Ashley Zeller

    I am getting married next year. I wanted to get my bridesmaids jewelry and I like the ones that you have made. I have 6 in the party and I want one to be a little different for the maid of honor. Would you be willing to give me a price on 6 neckaces and earrings? Thanks.

    • Hello
      I see you have left me a comment on this site. I don’t use this site any longer. I’m at and I have a store
      Are you still interested in a price for the jewellery for your wedding?
      Please do leave me a message at my etsy store.
      I’m sorry it has taken this long to reach you.

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