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Wool Dyeing

Food Dyed Wool 

I found this yummy picture on a site about food dyed wool.  I love how every type of craft one might enjoy these days keeps broadening and its no wonder I have so much on the go (and not having time to finish) because I keep seeing  more and more out there.  No longer do you have to buy wool in certain colours  but you can have fun and dye your own.  Love it.  I use natural dyes for my soap and bath products but will have to try dying wool for my next wool knitting/crochet project.  Check it out if you haven’t before.

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Felted Ditty Bag

The Felted Ditty Bag 

Isn’t this a beautiful bag?  It isn’t one I made but came on the site below.

I have so many projects on the go but finally last night I cut out a few items that I hope to sew tonight. 

But…in the meantime here is a Felted Ditty Bag pattern I found at that has some really nice free patterns.  I like the looks of this bag which is “hold all bag” that sailors would have to hold “this and that”.   This is one to start for those dark evenings coming up when snuggling by the TV….when away from the craft area!   If you try it I would love to receive pictures to post for variations. 

Another Ditty Bag pattern that makes up a nice basket to hold knitting and crocheting goodies by your lazy boy or wherever you choose to knit or crochet. Ditty Bag Basket


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Crazy or not…mouse or not…

Poor Donkey’s Tail

I don’t know.  I wasn’t going to post about this because I don’t really think there is one…mouse I’m talking about..but since I’ve told you this much I’ll tell you about it.  Last week I was sitting on my sofa, laptop on my lap and it was getting late and just from the corner of my eye I thought I saw some scampering…movement…and when I looked fast I could have sworn I saw a mouse running from under my heater towards my diningroom buffet!  Nahhhhh I said.  I looked that way for a minute and wondered where Kelly might be…Kelly the kitty who just turned 20 years old.  No place.  So I put the laptop down and caaarrrefully walked that way but didn’t see anything more.


I sat down and sort of forgot about it as a I resumed my blogging and if I didn’t see again from the corner of my eye a movement going from where I thought a mouse might have scampered back to the heater.  No…please no.  Carefully I looked around and hated that it was time to go to bed actually.  I didn’t see anything more but then a mouse wouldn’t just be sitting there.  I was sure I was still mistaken..somehow.  I forced myself to go to bed knowing that Kelly would be there and surely a mouse would wake her up…thats what cats do..sniff out mice.


The next evening I stopped at Canadian Tire to get a mousetrap JUST in case.  They were closed and I was going out of town the next day.  So I decided I was just seeing things and we’ll wait and see.  Last week I noticed that a one of the tails of a Donkey’s Tail plant I had planted this summer was missing all kinds of little bits off one tail.  I disregarded it thinking that it just dropped them…someplace.  It sits on my window behind sheers in the livingroom.

Well…last night after being away for a long weekend and watering plants I noticed the Donkey’s Tail has little teeth marks and more bits off the 4 tails.  I don’t understand it.  It couldn’t have been Kelly.  With her age she has stopped bouncing up to that window.  Marc said it has to be Kelly.  I know that I did leave the diningroom chair against the door to the balcony and maybe she might have decided to wander around and bounce up there but I can’t imagine that.  She never even looks that way.  Here are some pics of what happened though the digital didn’t capture the teeth marks.  So do I tell the Super that my unit might have a mouse in it?  Or is it just Kelly?    By the way….it was a mouse.


Well since I was back from vacation last week I have had some mouse issues at WORK too.  Computer mouse issues.  It keeps stalling…giving beeps…working…lighting…and not.  Today, I think I figured out that it is dying and isn’t related to our network or anything else.  *Shaking my head*.   I was able to crawl under the desk of an absent co-worker and “catch” her mouse and trade.   So at least that was definately a mouse issue and is all fixed now.

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Things Happen For a Reason…

hippoturtlejpg.jpg desktop/hippoturtle.jpg

This isn’t my picture but a picture that someone had forwarded to me and I wish I could give credit to that person.  I thought this picture might be appropriate in some way to my title of Things Happen for a Reason.  I wonder what the reason is that the tortoise is winning this race….hmmmmm.


I think that that things happen for a reason.  Often times, its not worth fretting over something that’s not going your way.  Think of it as a chance to step aside with your plans because something better is coming along.  You’ll feel better in the meantime….

When you stop to think about it how often does something happen and your first thought is “oh my goodness, I am sooo glad that this didn’t happen after all because this came along or that happened instead or what would I have done if that HAD happened…”  It all happens for a reason I believe although you may not see it at the time or it may be so irrelevant that you don’t think anything more about it or the subsequent happenings. 

Let me know I’m really interested on your take…

Its About the Drumstick Cake Revisited….

Well in July and again in August I posted about this Drumstick Cake to which I gave the recipe.  A lady at work makes and loves it and I thought I wouldn’t be making it right away and I thought it would be fun for someone else to try the cake and send me the picture to use and let me know what they thought.  I wanted to send a prize to that person of my handcrafted soap.  Well no one has done it yet!  I hope someone does because I’m all ready to send the soap.  Its a yummy cake you know….yum!

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Clothes Disaster!

Hope it works.. 

I was just reminded about what happened to me yesterday when I wore a brand new pair of white capris to work.   This was the second time I’d worn the pants I bought to take away on our cruise this winter.  During lunch I went to “NoFrills” store to buy fruits/veggies…when I got back to work I had smears of black on the right side of my pants above and below the knee.  It turns out the “NoFrills” bag which is yellow with black ink wasn’t holding its black ink…and it had come out on my pants where I’d hit the bag.  Furious!  I went to the store and spoke to the manager who will pay for the cleaning bill (hope it comes out) but suggested that perhaps I should buy their eco bags…hmmmm…yes … but what if I forget and the next time I’m wearing white again???  And actually as I pointed out to him that clears up what happened to 2 long cotton skirts I’ve worn this summer….I sprayed them with Spray’nWash last night and they are soaking.  I’ll give you an update on this.

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Time to Come Back Home… :o)

My youngest son and his girlfriend took a “little” trip to the Canadian west coast to B.C. during a late summer.  It was going to be an adventure that would last maybe 2 months…maybe 3 months and their plan was to work while they were there.  They ended up settling quite nicely into the wonderful terrain and gentler lifestyle, working and exploring and now just about 2 years to the day later they are coming back home!  Its very exciting and I can’t wait.  They visited at Christmas and my son was home briefly in June.  They purchased a 22’ trailer which they gutted and painted and primed and recushioned and replaced kitchen cupboards and its just like new.  Only 11 days now until they load up and head back.   In the meantime the trailer is up for on the pic for the listing.


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40th Class Reunion and a Special Remembering…

On Saturday we went to Marc’s 40th class reunion.  It was wonderful watching all these classmates who hadn’t seen each other for years…15 years…25 years…40 years.  You could tell as they laughed with each other, comforted each other as they shared stories what a very close class  they  had been and still were.   Most shared stories from Grade 3.   Marc played golf with someone he hadn’t seen since he graduated, and he was only 17 at the time, yet that didn’t seem to matter.   


Twelve classmates have passed and 3  were unable to attend because they are quite ill.  Twelve, white, helium balloons were released one-by-one as each name of those student’s was called.  Two balloons were released to acknowledge the students who were not well.  Alabama’s Angel’s Among Us played in the background.  When we turned to look at all the balloons it was breathtaking.  The twelve balloons were sooooo high up like stars and they followed each other in almost a straight line….as we watched…as everyone had quiet moments of reflection…the 2 balloons released last seemed to stagger trying to get up there as well but they never did catch up as far as we could tell…but they moved and touched each other, which is the way they floated together.  It was beautiful.

Although all the great  Led Zeplin, Iron Butterfly, Cream  songs had everyone “grooving” there wasn’t much dancing.  It seemed there was so much catching up and sharing of news and laughter there just wasn’t time.  Two dates for more celebrations were announced, one in 3 years for a special age birthday celebration for most of the classmates and the other for the 45th reunion.  Nice.   Very nice….    I wish I had kept in touch with my high school group.

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