A Glutten for Punishment?

A Lovely Sunset – The Sun Slides Into Lake Ontario

The View from the Cottage Looking Back Home towards Canada

Summer Sunset - The Sun Slides Into Lake Ontario

                 ….. such a cool place to be on a hot night… 

Last night when it was over 90F we had 5 friends over for a lasagne dinner!  Lasagne.  Whew.  Of course at the cottage there isn’t air conditioning but normally the fans do a pretty good job but when there are so many people the body heat makes the fans work extra hard.  Well the lasagne turned out yummy and we finished off with Creme de Menthe over vanilla icecream for dessert with a Mint Milano cookie on the side.  It was a nice evening.

All In A Day’s Work

Well….today I baked.  Fortunately it was only in the 80s today…whew…  I baked a Finnish Pulla pitko and Mustikka pie (blueberry) and there was enough dough for some little buns also.  I added a little homemade strawberry jam on them when they came out of the oven and a little icing sugar.  I brought a little plate of goodies to the ladies next door.  I knew we couldn’t possibly eat it all ourselves…we’ll see…*s*.

Mustikka (Blueberry) PieBuns With Our Homemade Strawberry Jam and Icing


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