Looking up…

The Pouch Taking On Beads…. 

You know the little pouch that evolved from the notebook cover further along – last week? Well while I’ve been at the lake during vacation I have spent a little time beading on to it.  I’ve sewn a little footy print trail for the silver ladybug and I’ve added on some swarovski crystals alongside seed beads.  It has been fun…..I may try a little embroidery on it as well.  A fun little peaceful project…

Closer View of Beaded Pouch 

Close up of the Beaded Pouch 

……AND Caramel and Mixed Nuts Popcorn

Marc and I made caramel popcorn with mixed nuts with a mini popcorn stand cooker he had received from my son and girlfriend.  For some reason he thought it tasted burnt…but I thought it tasted great.   Nothing had actually burned so it had no reason to taste that way either.   We decided we would take it to the picnic we were going to anyway and I’m glad we decided to test it out on them because they ate it all up!  Some people even said it was sooo addictive and wanted the recipe.  He is now thinking it was just his taste buds acting silly on him.  It was Yum..my!

Popcorn and the Mini Popcorn MakerReady to EAT!!!


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  1. Isn’t that funny how things evolve? You start with one thing in mind and then it leads you to something else and the something else is really exciting, too! I’m sure you’ll get back to the notebook cover one of these days, but in the meantime, pouches are a lot of fun, too!

    The beading and embroidery are beautiful! They add so much to the bag.

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