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Soap Day Today

 Fresh Handmade Soap Uncut

These are the Soaps Uncut 

I was thinking about differences between having full and part-time jobs.  One difference  is that I’ve been able to forget about my fulltime job while I’m on vacation and it feels like I’ve been away for months and not the 3rd week.  I’m really getting so used to this.   My home-based job however is different in that when products are in demand its “Soap Day” as usual.  Fortunately I love making my products and I don’t think of it as being “work”.  While I make one thing my mind is working on the next great idea.  You can’t even imagine how wonderful  all those lingering scents are around here.

Soaps Cut into Bars

These are the soaps that have been cut into bars.  Pret-ty….   I will wrap them and label them and put some into my etsy store and Creations by Judi store. 

I also made 2 batches of cold process soap.  Once they are out of the mold I’ll post some pics and explain that process to you.  I have combined different scent blends and I am so pleased with them!  They won’t be ready to be used for 5 weeks.

The Prize for the Drumstick Cake – Look in “Recipes” for the recipe… yum!

I had posted earlier about a Drumstick Cake and sending a prize to the first person who makes the cake and sends me a picture to use and tells me how they liked it. Someone asked me what the prize is.  What I will send is over 8 oz of sampler soaps which have the weigh to over 2 of my bars of soap!  Don’t let the size fool you….they last and lather and are a great way to become familiar with different fragrances.  The soaps are fruit soap deli, lemongrass lemon, lavender chunk, orange citrus and a blend of cranberry, peach and vanilla!  The lavender, lemongrass, lemon and orange are essential oils…the others are fragrance.

The 5 Prize Soaps

Sooooo…if you make the Drumstick Cake…send me a pic and tell me about it and I’ll send YOU the prize above! 

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