40th Class Reunion and a Special Remembering…

On Saturday we went to Marc’s 40th class reunion.  It was wonderful watching all these classmates who hadn’t seen each other for years…15 years…25 years…40 years.  You could tell as they laughed with each other, comforted each other as they shared stories what a very close class  they  had been and still were.   Most shared stories from Grade 3.   Marc played golf with someone he hadn’t seen since he graduated, and he was only 17 at the time, yet that didn’t seem to matter.   


Twelve classmates have passed and 3  were unable to attend because they are quite ill.  Twelve, white, helium balloons were released one-by-one as each name of those student’s was called.  Two balloons were released to acknowledge the students who were not well.  Alabama’s Angel’s Among Us played in the background.  When we turned to look at all the balloons it was breathtaking.  The twelve balloons were sooooo high up like stars and they followed each other in almost a straight line….as we watched…as everyone had quiet moments of reflection…the 2 balloons released last seemed to stagger trying to get up there as well but they never did catch up as far as we could tell…but they moved and touched each other, which is the way they floated together.  It was beautiful.

Although all the great  Led Zeplin, Iron Butterfly, Cream  songs had everyone “grooving” there wasn’t much dancing.  It seemed there was so much catching up and sharing of news and laughter there just wasn’t time.  Two dates for more celebrations were announced, one in 3 years for a special age birthday celebration for most of the classmates and the other for the 45th reunion.  Nice.   Very nice….    I wish I had kept in touch with my high school group.


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