Clothes Disaster!

Hope it works.. 

I was just reminded about what happened to me yesterday when I wore a brand new pair of white capris to work.   This was the second time I’d worn the pants I bought to take away on our cruise this winter.  During lunch I went to “NoFrills” store to buy fruits/veggies…when I got back to work I had smears of black on the right side of my pants above and below the knee.  It turns out the “NoFrills” bag which is yellow with black ink wasn’t holding its black ink…and it had come out on my pants where I’d hit the bag.  Furious!  I went to the store and spoke to the manager who will pay for the cleaning bill (hope it comes out) but suggested that perhaps I should buy their eco bags…hmmmm…yes … but what if I forget and the next time I’m wearing white again???  And actually as I pointed out to him that clears up what happened to 2 long cotton skirts I’ve worn this summer….I sprayed them with Spray’nWash last night and they are soaking.  I’ll give you an update on this.


Update on the White Capri Pants


Well I Sprayed Spray’nWash on my white capris, let them sit soaked for a while and them soaked them for 1-1/2 days in a good detergent.  When I took them out I didn’t even have to scrub the pants the ink was out!  I could not believe my eyes.  So I threw them into the washer with other white clothes and dried them and they look great.   Actually I just learned this tip from Marc…spray…soak…and wash…and voila dirt is out!  Some good advise you might not have known otherwise.



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3 responses to “Clothes Disaster!

  1. emmaburg

    Oh no! I am glad you told me this. I recently bought a pair of white capris that I LOVE and I would have been devastated if this happened to me. And I don’t know if I would have had the guts to go back to the store!

    Thanks for the heads up, and good luck picking out some eco-friendly bags! =)

  2. Well you know it would have been nice if he had given me a bag – since I did tell him I shop there so often and have never had that problem…but I definately will be very cautious shopping there from now on…good to keep in mind. :o)

  3. emmaburg – the stain came out!! I was sooo pleased. I’ve written more about it in my blog.

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