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Silk Fusion and Silk Dyeing

Silk Fusion MaskLast night I joined some ladies and learned about working with silk fibres and dyeing silk.  We had such a nice time working on projects.  I made a mask by fusing wonderfully coloured silk fibres that were a bricky red, to orangey red to raspberry pink.  Its a very interesting process.  I hated leaving it there to dry but I’ll be able to embellish it at the beginning of the week.   I’ll probably embellish it with feathers and beads.  My next project was dyeing a rectangular silk scarf.   I discovered it takes a certain technique as you don’t have total control of the paints that reach out to do their own thing.  Once its all dry my colours of rusty brown, green, yellow and a golden colour will show the effects of the coarse salt I scattered over it while it began to dry.  I’ll share a picture once I get the projects home.  This is definately something I’ll explore more in the new year.  Yahooo…

This is the way it looks right now….My Silk Infused Mask Unbellished  Later I’ll embellish it with beads and feathers.

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Hallowe’en Night – Madeline’s Delight!

The Fairy Princess

Madeline said she was going to a “flying princess” at Hallowe’en.  She knew it didn’t sound “quite” right and we tried not to chuckle, well she did catch us doing that.   We told her she was a “fairy princess”.   She is loving fairies…Snow White…Sleeping Beauty…Cinderella all those pretty characters.  She herself was so cute.  She was 3 this summer and this really was her “first” year of understanding the whole concept.  Madeline practised at home and at preschool the little ones went through the whole scenerio of Hallowe’en.  She was a beautiful Princess and so well mannered.   As she trapsed up to the doors she uttered “Trick or Treat” and thanked everyone and over her shoulder would call “Happy Hallowe’en”.

Sparkly Smile

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