PinkDaisies Open..

Floral Green BagI’ve had a collection of handmade bags and pouches I hadn’t done anything with so today I finally took pictures and put them into my new etsy  PinkDaisies.  The shop is open but it isn’t all “decorated” yet.  I’m still working on that.  I’m having quite a time trying to make up a banner although I saw some directions.  Can anyone give me suggestions…moreso help!! But in the meantime it is open.  :o)  I’m happy about that.  Pretty Beaded Flower Pouch Wristlet  I’ve also put up a warm,  “furry” headband  Snuggly Warm “Furry” Headband

I’ve also completed a Teddy Bear Lovers or Child’s Teddy Bear wall hanging.  It is made the same way as I made Janet’s baby’s blanket with the chenille effect.  It is about 20″ square and I’ve put it into the new shop also.Teddy Bear Wallhanging

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