Crusty Saturday

Chicken Pot Pie

Cutting the Chicken Pot Pie

After we’d galavanted around and visited S#2 we rented a couple of movies and were having a crust bakeout.   We made a wonderful chicken pot pie  from a ready roasted chicken from Dominion.  We decided to boil the veggies in chicken broth instead of water and added mushrooms to the recipe.  We also decided to make it more moist by adding the left over broth from the veggies into the sauce with the chicken.  In fact we added a little more broth and it was nice and moist and tasty. 

Unfortunately we didn’t think to take a picture until after we’d started into the crust.  We cheated and used ready made rolled crust.  I rolled it out thinner and it was like homemade actually.

At the same time while one of us was basically make the chicken pot pie the other one was making an Elderberry Pie.  Marc’s cousin picked and gave us the elderberries in the summer so we took  them out of the freezer and tried the recipe.  I have never tasted elderberries and obviously had never tasted the pie before.  I have only had homemade elderberry wine.   Now that was yum!  The recipe made a great pie.  I used the premade rolled pie crust and instead of making 2 single crust pies we changed it to one double-crust pie.  Yummy.

Elderberry Pie

Homemade Elderberry Pie

About 5 years  ago  I snoozed through  Lord of the Rings at the theatre with my brother.  The show started late around 9:30 p.m. and I was too sleepy for the next 3 hours.  I did not enjoy it one bit and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.  Last Marc and I enjoyed our Chicken Pot Pie and watched the movie together.  It sure makes more sense when you are awake to see the whole thing.  I loved it and so did he.  It got too late to watch the other 2 sequels but maybe next weekend.  In the meantime you might be tempted and if you do…I’m sure you’ll love the chicken pie too….


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8 responses to “Crusty Saturday

  1. marykaylady

    I was thinking about making this tonight. Yum. I just needed a recipe! Thanks.

  2. You’re welcome! I am sure you’ll find it as yummy as we did. I would recommend adding the additional broth. Let me know what you think. Enjoy..

  3. marykaylady

    I loved it! I think I need to use more liquid next time. I think I’m going to use a deep dish pie crust too. Also, I added corn and potatoes. It was really easy to make. Thanks for the recipe.

    I like your idea about the nice thing for each other. I try to do something nice for him daily. It gets difficult after awhile. I think I’m going to suprise him tomorrow with XBOX live.

  4. I like the idea of corn and potatoes added to the pie Its just one of those kinds of meals you can change up as you like.

    What a nice surprise you have planned for him. I like that sometimes receiving something for no particular reason, even if it is something small, seems bigger than receiving something you might be expecting because its your birthday or a special occasion….

  5. elderberryflower

    Too funny… I just posted my elderberry pie trials a day or two ago at my site. Yours came out much better than mine… 🙂

  6. elderberryflower, I would have liked to have seen your elderberry pie pictures but unfortunately I don’t know where to find your site.

  7. elderberryflower

    Whoops! I thought it automatically linked. My site is 🙂

  8. elderberryflower – I didn’t even realize those berries had stems! I was lucky mine were given to me without the stems. I guess your berries needed to be strained of some of the juices and perhaps a bit more flour to thicken. Good for you as pies can be tricky. I once made an apple pie for company that was sooo runny when it came out and I realized it had no reason to be uncooked but it was. In desperations the next day I put it back into the oven and it straightened itself out. Your next one will be great!

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