Finishing up the Edge/Trim Corners of a Blanket/Quilt Tutorial (my way)



When I made the animal baby blanket in January I wanted to post how I made the edging and  corners on the main side.  I used to have some trouble making the corners square but after playing around with it  this is how I do it.  Many of my quilts and blankets use a contrasting material on the back that becomes the edge binding on the right side.  This is easy, tidy and is a nice contrast for the front.  It works for me.

Looking at the front of my completed blanket I measure the panel/material that runs around the completed blanket/quilt which is the right side of the back piece of my blanket/quilt.  I want to leave double the width I want the edge/trim to be and cut it to that size.

Along the long side I fold the fabric in half and then half again on to the blanket and pin at that spot.dsc00174.jpg

Beginning at the left side of the short end  I place a sharp fold, dsc00177.jpgdsc00178.jpgtemporarily pinning that point and fold the bottom up to the bottom edge of the blanket/quilt and then fold up one more time.  You might have to adjust the fold until it meets at a perfect and neat angle with the edge of the left-side longer edge. I fold up the rest of that edge pinning along the way to the end.

dsc00176.jpgTurn your blanket/quilt so that you once again begin at the left side with the sharp fold repeating until all four corners are pinned evenly. dsc00182.jpg I then sew along the folded edge of the trim/edge all the way around.  I might use a fancy machine stitch, or small zigzag to close up the fold on the corners, or place delicate hand stitches and sometimes the fabric looks good without doing anything more.dsc00180.jpg  The trim is actually the same width all the way around the blanket although the picture didn’t capture this.

Were you able to understand my tutorial?

Let me know how it works for you….I’d love to hear your comments on what you are making.


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12 responses to “Finishing up the Edge/Trim Corners of a Blanket/Quilt Tutorial (my way)

  1. bobbinhead

    I think that’s how I do it too. What foot are you using in your picture? I couldn’t make it out.

  2. I was happy to figure this out myself and interested to know what others did. Thank you for sharing. The foot is a Quilter’s Patchwork Foot. It has the bar to guide distance between rows.

  3. lilyeden

    I’m working on my very first blanket and this looks like the perfect way to edge it! I am so glad I found this tutorial–thanks!!

  4. After many years of doing it the “right” way I now do it your way or take the front edge over to the back and slipstitch down, then do some nict topstitching. I got so fed up with almost stretching the binding as one sewed it on the machine and finding it puckering etc. No pain no gain is crazy when applied to quilting…. I say where there is a will there is a new way.
    I find that as in life, it is better to be flexible,as long as the item will stand up to washing etc,it it okay by me.

  5. Lily have fun making your blanket. I’m wondering what kind of blanket you are making. I’m glad this will help you.

  6. Kathleen, I sort of cringed when you said you used to do it the “right” way knowing now there IS a truly right way. But feel better to know it is an acceptable way. Yes I agree if it looks good and keeps up its good. Life is a busy place and flexibility is key.

  7. lilyeden

    Hello! I hope you don’t mind…I put a link to your tutorial on my blog…you can check it out here:
    and i posted some pictures of the “quit” I am in the process of making! All still so new! But fun! And, thank you again!

  8. Thats fine to add the link. I did check your site and your quilt will be fun with all its wonderful colours. Enjoy….that little cutie also!

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  10. Sonja

    I found your tutorial very informative. I have recently began to venture into the quilting world and have really struggled with quilt corners. I used your suggested method and was amazed at how simple and how great it looked. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hi Sonja
      I’m so glad my tutorial was able to help you out. Thats a good thing! Thank you for visiting also.
      I have moved to if you want to come and visit again.
      have a lovely day

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