Treasured Quilt and Just Like Me


A few years ago the manager at a place I worked made wonderful quilts.  She can’t even remember how many she has made and sorry she hadn’t taken pictures of them long before she started to and before she GAVE THEM AWAY!!  Whenever someone left the company she would make them a quilt, usually a  throw size and inspired by that particular person.    She is so fabulous at quilting it seems to take no time and she’s done.   Yet she continually takes courses to learn new techniques and ideas.

When she showed me this particular pattern with its houses and bird houses I remarked in glee how that would be just my style if I could make one.  I was astounded when she said this one would be for me.  That hadn’t been my intension.  She wanted to know what colours would suit my decor and asked me to show her a pillow, fabric etc.  I showed her the greens, yellows, mustards, brick reds, pinks I so love and said “please…no blues”.  That was a bit of a challenge for her as there was to be blue sunset. 

I didn’t think about the quilt knowing she was working on a couple of projects in her classes.  When she presented it to me I just gasped.  My first thought on this beautiful quilt was how could someone know MY favourite colours?  It was absolutely me!  She signed it for me and I treasure it.0018.jpg



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3 responses to “Treasured Quilt and Just Like Me

  1. Wow what an amazing quilt and a whole lot of work in there too. Are you still friends with her now?

  2. Well that part-time job in a store which I had in addition to my full-time job ended when the store closed. We all get together once or twice a year for a pot luck. She now works in the quilting shop where she still takes classes. She also takes in jobs at home to finish quilts for people who can’t because of the quilt size and what is involved etc. She is amazing. She has made a quilt for her bed and her 2 sons just for Christmas…as just extras while she quilts along.

  3. HI,
    These are really awesome pics .. I like the way you play with your camera .. spectacular … I like the way you write ..Its really different and interesting … keep the momentum going ..I hope tis will really going to help me in future..
    brilliant. .

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