Christmas Reflecting

I love these 2 guys.  A few years ago we were in Houston over New Years and I brought home all kinds of after Christmas sale goodies which included 2 sets of Santa and the Snowman.  I gave one each to each of my sons.  Now we were flying and it was rather interesting packing them head over heels into a bag to take on the plane.  But it was worth it.


hmmm…why is a Christmas post in February?  Mostly because I was trying to learn something on wordpress, deleted December and couldn’t put it back.  So I didn’t want to forget the season and here it is now, in February.

Christmas was a busy time as it usually is, for most of us.  I was busy helping Santa with his Christmas shopping as most of us are.  Christmas is a busy time for my business as well making soaps and bath products and jewellery to help other Santas with their Christmas.  I was able to do some baking.

We had Christmas at my mom’s place.  I know we all had quiet moments reflecting on my father and missing him so much this first Christmas he wasn’t with us.  There was strength in numbers.  It was a lovely evening and a wonderful dinner as always. 

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