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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  I hope its been a special day for you.  Maybe you received something special from loved ones, flowers, chocolate, a handmade card, a mushy kiss from your child..maybe you have baked some cupcakes or cookies to share today as well.

This week I have had a “Valentine’s Week” moreso than other years for some reason.  I made myself a Valentine’s pin 0023.jpg from wrapped wire and beads and I’ve worn it each day with something red, pink or white.  On Tuesday night I baked my favourite “fruit cake” tin with cookies  for work, but I left them at home.  Between the recipe and the baker they didn’t turn out as they should have.  They are a new recipe for traditional sugar cookies and I rolled them and cut them into hearts with red, pink and white sprinkles. But they turned out rather yucky.  They are textured and dry yet not quite cooked kind of  little heart shaped cookie and the next day they were soft and not very tasty.  So no cookies for work today, however I’ve had red and white jelly beans and cinnamon hearts at my desk all week as well.


M is in Cleveland for 10 days but today at work I received a lovely ecard from him and shortly after that a half dozen peach coloured long-stemmed roses.  With them came a soft, white, cuddly bear wearing a little pink ribbon with tiny silk flowers.   He is so romantic.  This little bear had wings, must be an angel just like me.  :o)    0034.jpg

I hope you and yours have a lovely heartfelt kind of day.  THAT is the most important part for today and because it feels so nice, for the whole year. 

Does anyone have a very yummy sugar cookie recipe they would like to share with me?

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