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Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions Cards 

It was a busy day today.   A good day. It included my facilitating a Personality Dimension’s workshop for first year nursing students.  This is a fun interactive workshop and a very enlightening tool that I facilitate to different program, first semester students at my college.   The students see it as a real eyeopener and its usually their first introduction to a workshop such as this.  It is helpful for the students to understand themselves and other people, a tool they can use when they are working in groups on assignments, meetings, work and in their every day life with family and friends. 

You might be familiar or attended a True Color’s workshop, this is the Canadian version.  The concept of Personality Dimensions goes all the way to Hypocrates from which time on researchers have studied human behaviour.  Researchers have all come up with one commonality being there are 4 different temperament styles.   Each of us has these 4 temperament styles which Personality Dimensions differentiates by calling Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Authentic Blue and Resourceful Orange.   We have one temperament style that we feel most comfortable with,  our strongest colour and comes most naturally to us (some people feel equally comfortable in more than one).  However, when we need to we are able to use the other temperament styles though they may not feel as comfortable to us. 

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