Sunday….I Should Have Just Stayed in Bed!

You know, it is so bad when you wake up at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, and you feel good, and the sun is shining and you plan a productive day.  Then 4 hours later you come back home and wish you’d never gotten up.  THAT was my Sunday. 

After quietly enjoying my coffee, a special time for me in the morning, I got myself ready to take an hour drive north to my mother’s place to water her plants and collect her mail.  She has been in Florida since the end of January.  I dressed partially in my gym wear anticipating a stop on the way home at the gym for a Body Pump weight class. I loaded a few boxes of Christmas decorations into the car to store at her place.

I usually charge my cell phone when I’m on a longer drive but it wasn’t in my purse, no matter how I felt around it was not there.  I couldn’t remember whether I’d even used it all weekend so it had to be there.  I pulled over thinking my purse might have slipped on its side and it was wedged between the door and the seat, but it wasn’t.  Now most of the drive is on a busy highway and I felt so uncomfortable not having it with me.  I pondered on what to do now.  I knew I had not seen it at home.

At mom’s I watered the plants and checked the mail and just before walking out I thought I’d have a quick look in her garage.  I opened the garage door from inside, reached in to put on the light…..*hugh sigh*….the automatic garage door attempted to open??? I pressed something else on the inside wall and it stopped…the top of the garage door was dented inwards in a sort of “v” shape.  I ALMOST DIED.  I quickly dialed my son who suggested I pull on the rope at the top of the door which released it, but its still dented.  Apparently she had locked the actual garage door and not just the lock on the panel so the door couldn’t open properly.  She, is not going to be pleased.   We’ll have to make another trip there together to evaluate it.  I am not even going to call her until the weekend for fear of ruining her vacation. 

I took the boxes out of the trunk…and it refused to close…it just bounced open.  I tried a scewdriver on the lock that didn’t help.  Mom had a piece of rope in the garage I used to tie the trunk down.  Then  I decided to take the longer way home driving slowly and avoid the highway because there was bounce in the tied trunk.

I felt so beat.  I couldn’t stop at the gym because I needed to contact my son to have a look at the trunk before he went to work.  At home I tried the trunk again and then had an idea.  I pulled the trunk release inside the car a couple of times and then like magic I was able to slam the trunk down snuggly!

At home I searched and searched for the cell phone then remembered how full my hands had been on Friday when I came home from work.  Could I have…???… could I have tossed my phone into my tote bag in my rush…*nodding*….can you feel my relief to find it there….it was absolute relief.

You know, I felt so much better with 2 out of 3 problems solved….at that moment I wondered whether if I just crawled back into bed would I awaken to find it was all a nightmare and even the garage door  episide would never have happened?….   Nite nite?..and hmmmmm where might my black leather gloves have gone in all this kurfluffle?

Do you have days like this?  What do you do to feel better?


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2 responses to “Sunday….I Should Have Just Stayed in Bed!

  1. What a day you had. I read this a few days ago but waited cause I knew I was going to tag you for a meme. Good job I didn’t do it then! Please do not feel you have to do this as can be time consuming….having said that I think I may have written a few interesting things about myself that people may not have expected! What did your mum say about the garage door?

  2. Kathleen I left you a post on your site with regard to your tag. I have never been tagged before. I will have to think on what I could possibly write. Thank you for thinking of me.
    Well I was not going to call my mother until the weekend…I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks on Monday (we’re going on a cruise I’ll write on that) anyway so I had to tell her before I left and she got home! But she called me at work today and I ended up telling her. She seemed not to be as distraught about it as I thought…but no doubt once she seems how bad it looks and by the time we figure out what has to be done….and new garage doors are expensive…*gulp*. But at least I’ve been able to share it with her so that feels better…geez just like some little kid. Thank you for asking.

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