Eastern Caribbean Vacation….Just About That Time

It is getting exciting we booked our Eastern Caribbean cruise a year ago and now the vacation starts this weekend.  Our cruise in on the Princess line and is for 10 days and we’ll be in Florida a couple of days both ways.  We are going with 4 other couples consisting of 3 brothers and their wives and 2 brothers and theirs (although I’m not a wife!).  Our mini suites are side-by-side and we can adjoin our balconies which is the reason we booked so far in advance.

 We visit St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Antigua, Barbados and Princess Cayes.  I’ve never been to any of these places before and for 2 of us couples this is our first cruise.   

All 5 guys have known each other since they lived on the same street in elementary school so thats kind of fun.  Many of the couples have travelled together before which includes us and its a nice group that although they do their own thing everyone has the choice to join in with each other, or at  other times not.  A nice relaxing group of friends.

 It is soooo freeeeezing cold here today.  Its that final bite to the winter (crossing my fingers) but its sunny and the snow looks pretty and there isn’t a breeze just that COLD frosty air.  We had a low of -20C for today and tomorrow and warming up to -10C.   A very good excuse to leave this behind for some beautiful and warm places.  We’ve planned for a good time of the year.  It’ll be just about spring once we’re back and Wiarton Willy the groundhog didn’t see his shadwo in February, so he’s let us know there will be an early spring. 

I was busy last week looking through summer clothes, shortening pants, washing, ironing and shorting through what to take with me.  The digital camera battery has been charged, I’ve just had a haircut, the car had an oil change last night, as I’ll be driving to the states, a 3-hour drive to meet with Marc.  We’ll fly out of Rochester, NY.  The passport is in order.  I’ll treat myself to a manicure and pedicure this weekend and that’ll be just about that….I’m taking some Gravol with me just in case my tummy isn’t so fond of the cruise.

We have a brochure on things to do and see on these islands but I would love to hear suggestions or ideas from anyone who has travelled to these islands.


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