A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (reading from Thursday night).

It was interesting reading again last night.  We hear about stress causing sickness to people more and more.  Also about the importance of laughter, variety in our lives, putting closure to stressful situations, friendships with people who make us feel good and happy, moving ahead etc. that is so important for us.  The book explains that although our body is smart it does not differentiate between thoughts and actual

situation.  When we have worrisome or fearful thoughts our body gets ready.  Our heart beats faster, our muscles contrct and we pant, breathe heavier ready to flee or fight.  But when its simply a thought there is no energy outlet.  Most of it goes back to our mind and the rest becomes toxic and inhibits normal body functioning.  We can imagine how this thought process would affect lus over time.

It explained that we have all kinds of thoughts going through our mind continually that we aren’t aware of or have control over and the constant reactions our body goes through.  Think then of those stressful situations in our lives that we have not resolved that we still years later think about and become stressed over.  What our minds and bodies go through each time over and over.

Although I haven’t been able to watch the live show on Monday night’s online I have been logging in at other times to watch it.  Eckert Tolle and Oprah discuss and explain it Chapter by Chapter.  Its possible to download it and then listen to it in the car or wherever at your own convenience.  Even if you haven’t had a chance to read it log in and watch in on Oprah’s site.

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