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My McDonald’s Story and Sewing

I try to watch my fats and eat healthy.  It had been years since I’ve been to McDonald’s because I don’t eat their fries or their hamburgers or their pies any longer.  Boring?  No I don’t eat boring.  Anyway, I recently realized they have delicious sandwiches and salads since I’d been there last.  I’d been galavanting during my lunch and decided to treat myself to a turkey sandwich and a few fries.  I placed my order at the drive thru and on paying was told they were out of turkey and would I substitite with chicken.  That was fine with me.  They asked me to park at the side and they would bring me my lunch when it was ready.

 So I waited and waited and waited and started running out of lunch time when suddenly an guy comes running out towards me my lunch in hand.  He apologized profusely for the long wait and told me that he had added an apple pie to the order AND that the person filling my order had given me EXTRA LARGE fries.  I chucked to myself as I thanked him and graciously took my lunch.  I couldn’t win for trying.  The sandwich was very yummy and so were the few fries I did eat.  The rest?  I had a hunger colleague at work who eagerly finished the fries and apple pie. 

Saturday I helped Son #2 (the one who moved back from British Columbia last fall) move again.  They found a really nice place about 5 miles from me.  We had a very productive day and and I sure was feeling sore and stiff but its a good feeling.  On Sunday I worked 3 hours fixing up the kitchen.  I like that part.  It always feels that once the kitchen is nice and functioning things are looking good.  Anyway on the drive to his place on Saturday I stopped at Fabricland because they were having a  members 50% off sale.  I had my eye on a great, red, tote bag   00421.jpg  for my sewing machine that cost $50.00 so that brought it down to $25.00 and because I had accumulated quite a few stamps on my membership card for previous purchases I was able to take another $20.00 off.  That bag cost me only $5.00!  I was sooo pleased.

I purchases some wonderful pink fabrics  00442.jpg for a baby’s quilt, floral material to complete the dress  I00451.jpg didn’t make for the cruise and cute material for shorts and top for Madeline.  I will be putting the pics back up tonight. Madeline’s pattern is McCall M5306   00431.jpg  and I have a choice of making either capri pants or shorts, 2 versions of the top and a cute little hat.  I think the sewing bug has hit me again!  Fun and a great shopping day.

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Bracelets Galore for Spring and Finally in My Shop

Precious Hearts Bracelet

I have been making bracelets…bracelets…bracelets.  I love the dazzling look and the feel of a lovely bracelet embracing every move on my wrist.  Here are some pictures then. 

 They can be found in my etsy shop.    tn_green.jpg        tn_pearls-and-hearts1.jpg  

               tn_rubyred1.jpg           tn_jewellery1.jpg

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Happy Easter to Everyone

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter doing traditionally what Easter means to you.  Last night our family was together at my mom’s place for a lovely Easter dinner.  This being the first Easter since my father passed.  She put together a lovely and delicious dinner, I brought over a salad, lemon meringue pie and a pineapple upside down cake.  Madeline seemed only to be “just looking” at chocolate eggs with her hands and then somehow we all missed the rest until she was savouring their yummyness and she experienced some sugar fix.  It was a nice get together.

I should tell you about the pineapple upside down cake I made for the first time from the “What’s Cooking” magazine.  This is a wonderful, free, Kraft Foods magazine and the Canadian version published every 3 months I believe.  There is an American version of it called Food & Family.  It is a glossy, full of pictures magazine of recipes that are easy and yummy.  When you subscribe by email you also are able to access the recipes and magazine and receive all sort of recipes and ideas along the way.  So, if you are unable to receive the magazine sign up to receive the emailed recipes.  Well worth it. 

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Completion of a Wonderful Vacation

Beaches in Barbados        Emerald Princess    I really could never imagine a cruise could be as fantastic as it was!  The Emerald Princess with its crew of 1200 was very accommodating to the 3070 passengers on board.  There was entertainment around every corner on the ship  The Neptune Pool  and a cruise is a great way to explore the different islands at each port.  How wonderful it was to enjoy the temperatures of the Caribbean in March and take in the beautiful beaches and coloured waters.  The ship was so huge and so beautiful that I had to constantly remember I was not in a still building or town but on a moving 19 story vessel.  The islands offered tours and adventures and the ship would dock for a day and we would get off to explore and shop.  Shopping was abundant especially in St. Thomas where jewellery store after jewellery store had competitive pricing.  This vacation is one we’ll remember forever. 


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