How to Throw a Tea Party

Tea Party

I came across this site and was really interested since I’m a first thing in the morning coffee person who is really appreciating tea these days.   I still need that first cup of coffee to sort of start me up but later in the afternoon I love a tea to soooothe the day.   It sounds like fun and there are some delicious sounding recipes.  Do you have tea parties?  Do you serve different teas and maybe have different little teapots for each guest?  I’d love to do that.  I’ve started a little collection of teapots some of which I’ve thrifted.   What kinds of treats do you serve?


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3 responses to “How to Throw a Tea Party

  1. Athena

    I LOVE tea parties! I have them quite often with my grandchildren,and with a few cherished friends. I host one huge tea party every year at Christmas. Last Christmas, I had over 35 guests at my Christmas tea party. I look forward to it every year.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I have imagined all that one could do for a tea party. All the little yummies and paraphranalea (sp?) to go along with it. My girlfriend took me for my birthday to a tea house where we each had our own silver teapot with our own choice of tea. We had the triple tiered plates with high tea goodies. We felt so special. Do your guests help with organizing or do you take over all of that? Love it.

  3. muttslikeme

    I’m a tea-drinker and always like when there’s news about tea. But now I’ve heard about a coffee-flavored tea and wonder, are there double benefits there? I know I won’t be trying it, though.

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