Caribbean Candy Necklace

Caribbean Candy Necklace

The weather this spring has continued to be just beautiful.  If this is any indication of whats in store we are in for a nice, long summer.  It is so sunny and inspiring.  You don’t have to go to the Caribbean when you have Caribbean Candy – a new brightly coloured bead necklace I was inspired to make.  I am going to put it into my etsy store tomorrow.  The colours are so wonderfully bright and bold.  It will make any occasion or outfit you wear very yummy with many colour choices.  It will be paired with matching earrings.



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2 responses to “Caribbean Candy Necklace

  1. Beautiful colours Judi, well done.

    The meme thing, don’t worry about linking to anyone …you could always tell them in a comment if you know they like memes or could like them to give them something to blog about! The linking is just the copying and highlighting thing you do to send people to the did it in the post before this one…the tea blog…so it is just letting them know as it sends a link through to them that they see on the righthand side of their dashboard….when I see a link there I know someone has tagged me or mentioned me by linking to me….that’s all. Hope that is what you meant? Anyway a lot of people do not tag anyone they just play themselves…but it drives traffic to your blog …..the stats show it and if you have a business that is a good thing or growing your blog.

  2. That necklace is so fun. Love the colors.

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