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Bunny Canvas Bag

Have I told you I love bunnies?  Someone refers to me as his bunny :o) … and I collect bunnies.  I also really love Fitz and Floyd pieces and salt and pepper shakers , so therefore I have a small collection (so far) of Fitz and Floyd bunny salt and pepper shakers!  whew!  I’ll share them with you soon…

 That leads me to this post because I sewed a bag with my favourite bunny.   I drew the bunny on a pretty brick pink and white check print, sewed him on canvas did a little hand embroidery, attached my favourite colour,  a bricky red synthetic suede to the trim, green lining and voila…a new bag.


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All Done – Baby Blanket and Jewellery

My Noah’s Arc Baby Quilt/Blanket which is a custom order is finished.  The size is 32″x37.5 of cute faces and bright colours and sure to be entertaining for the new little baby boy, for who this is made, as he gets older.   In the meantime he’ll be snuggly in it.  I’ll post the pictures into my pinkdaisies etsy shop and take a custom order for another one much like this one.

I made some jewellery using beautiful Swarovski crystals that will go into the shop also.   Topaz coloured Swarovski crystals sparkle in this bracelet and earrings complemented by topaz czech crystals.    Swarovski Crystal set handmade

This is a  pink and deep purple Swarovski crystal necklace and earrings.  I’m sure it will dress up a wedding occasion, a special outfit or a simple day.  It is so feminine and sparkly.  I think that those sparkly crystals are so versatile for special occasion and any day.    Swarovski crystal jewellery set

I love the look of these tear-drop glass beads because they look frosted and I’ve coordinated 3 colours for a bracelet and earrings that I think would be fun to wear.   Check them out at pinkdisies. and tell me what you think.        Drop glass earrings and bracelet

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Chocolate Raspberry Torte for Happy Mother’s Day

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  I baked a cake.  The mother isn’t supposed to bake her OWN Mother’s Day cake is she? hmmmmm…but then we are celebrating my younger son Richard’s birthday also.  I wanted to try this new cake so its his cake and a Mother’s Day cake for sharing with my mother and daughter-in-law.  I wanted to share this recipe with you.  Its from a great Duncan Hines Cake Magic book.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

1 Dark Chocolate cake mix


2 cups whip cream

1/2 cup icing/powder sugar

1 cup raspberry jam


1-1/2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips

3/4 cup sour cream

Raspberries and chocolate curls for decoration

Mix and bake the cake following directions on box  in 2  – 8″ or 9″ pans that have been greased.  Allow to cool.  Slice the cakes in half.

Whip the cream with the icing sugar until stiff peaks form.

Over a double boiler melt the chocolate chips.  Remove from heat and mix in the sour cream.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake   Begining with the bottom of the cake spread 1/3 cup of raspberry jam and 1/3 of the whip cream.  Continue with each layer of cake except for the top one which you place on with the cut side underneath.  Frost the top and sides of cake with the chocolate icing.  Add raspberries to the top and chocolate swirls.   Beautiful and so delicious.  Raspberries and chocolates go so nicely together.  You could substitute with strawberries and strawberry jam as well.

I want to wish all the mothers a very Happy and gracious Mother’s Day

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Great KENO ticket….horrible ticket….

ALMOST $50,000. richer

Do you buy lottery or scratch tickets?   At work I collect the $ and purchase  Lotto 649 tickets every Wednesday for 16 of us.   We win free tickets and $10.0 or $5.00 here and there.  In February we won $1000. but divided by 15 we had just short of $63. It felt good though.

This Wednesday I decided to purchase a KENO scratch ticket for myself.  You scratch numbers from the KENO board and then you scratch those numbers from your playing tables on the ticket.  One number can be found in different tables as well.  I couldn’t believe my luck…great ticket…horrible ticket!  If you look at the bottom $50,000. table you can see the pink number “30” sitting there unscratched.  I had all the other 9 numbers.  Had that number 30 been up in the KENO board on the right top I would have been $50,000. richer.   :o(    thats all I want to say on that topic….

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Amy Butler and Canvas Bag

New Canvas Bag

I used 2 lovely, co-ordinating, paisley Amy Butler fabrics and combined that with canvas for a new bag.  It has a pocket running along the front and back and pinned down with a covered button.    Exterior Pocket and Covered Button  Although the canvas holds its shape nicely I did use some heavier fleece interfacing as well.  I’m pleased with the look.  It may find its way to my shop.

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Mother’s Day Cookies

Baking Cookies      Madeline sprinkling sugar cookies

Madeline, my almost 4 year old granddaughter, was over while her mom and dad went out on a “date” evening.  We had dinner and then we decorated and baked sugar cookies for Mother’s Day.  I had bright sprinkles in pink, purple, majestic yellow and brilliant blue.  We rolled them out together and she cut them with either a large icecream cone, teapot or heart mold.  I laid a frosting of icing sugar and lemon juice on the cookie and then she sprinkled different coloured sprinkles on the cookies.  The cookies on the average had 3 different colours.  She couldn’t understand why her hands were turning a brown colour from those beautiful colours but I guess thats what you get with that mix.  Tadaaa Wrapped Up Cookies I wrapped them in pretty bags with ribbon and Sunday she can give one each to the mothers and to her Uncle Richard who’s birthday we’ll also be celebrating.  shhhhhhhhh its our secret about the cookies.     


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NOT a Good Day For Ducks

Too Miserable for Even Ducks

You know how when its raining and and miserable out there we say its a good day for ducks?  Well…not our neighbourhood ducks.   As I was getting into the elevator to go home tonight I turned around to see 2 male mallard ducks huddled at the front door.  They looked to be getting out of the rain and initially were both right at the door as if waiting to get in.  These guys are pals and usually there are 3 of them.  We have a creek that runs at the sides of the building and across the road.  They seem to live here most of the winter because there have been evenings when I’ve heard them as I walk past the creek.  It has been dark and I think I’m alone until I hear this announcement of “quack quack”… always makes me chuckle.  They’re just saying hello…keep warm… 

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