Tagged for 7 Weird Things People Don’t Know About Me

I have been tagged by Kathleen for this meme some time ago and I feel badly that I haven’t worked on it before.  Off the top of my head I couldn’t think about weird things I’d write about knowing full well there are weird things about me…

The rules are:

1.Link back to the person who tagged you.

2.Post “The Rules” on your blog.

3.Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag seven people and link to them.

5.Comment on their blogs to let them know they have been “tagged”.

About me…

1.    We lived way up north in a place called Island Lake, near Chapleau,  Ontario.  Originally I was from the big city of Toronto.  During that time I was between 11-14 years old.   We didn’t have a television or a radio or a lot of “proper” appliances because the small village, I guess it was a big enough to be a village, used a generator for everyone’s electricity.   There wasn’t enough power for things like televisions.  I remember at 10:00 p.m. at night our radio would catch a station in Chicago and I would look forward to listening to the radio.  I remember hearing and LOVING the song, “When a Man Loves A Woman”.   All the Finnish  people (that would be me included)  lived on the lake road of the village and the others lived happily on the other road which was not the lake for some reason.  It was very much like “Little House on the Prairie” when I think of it now.  We had an 18 mile school bus ride to school every day.   Boy…I could stick to this topic and remember a lot of weird things….

2.  I saw the Monkees in about 1965.  We lived in Island Lake at the time and each spring the roads would get so bad where we lived during the spring break. It could take the bottom off your vehicle and never mind your car would get stuck in it.  That period was therefore known as “Spring Breakup” and everyone would leave for about a week while things dried up.  We came from Toronto to we’d visit friends during that time.  So therefore I was able to see the Monkees with 2 of of my big city Toronto friends.  I loved Davey Jones!

3.  I scare myself with my premonitions and thoughts.  I could say I am “mindly” connected at times in particular with my eldest son.  I’ll think of him and the phone will ring and its him, or I’ll be in the car wondering about something about him and my cellphone will ring from him, he’ll leave me a message to call and some very bazarre reason for why he might be calling turns out to be why he’s calling.  But then it doesn’t stop with him.  It happens with people at work, other people in my family, with Marc and on and on.  It isn’t all the time but it is as if I go through very frequent periods where it happens over and over to the point that I expect it to happen that way.

4.  My beloved kitty Kelly was approaching 21 years of age when I had to put her down with a tumour just before Christmas 2007.  Thats quite a long time for a cat to live.  She was in good health otherwise and very active and very friendly and loving.  It was difficult putting her down.  To the whole family it was like we couldn’t remember a time she wasn’t with us.

5.  President Kekkonen of Finland (President 1956-1982) was related to me….or me to him.  I never met him though.   He was my grandmother’s cousin.    I have to confirm the exact connection.

6.  Five years ago I was on a Dragonboat Team.  A colleague at work who is about 23 years younger than I am and always interested in something new was able to persuade me.  I can’t believe she did that.  We would practice in boats on Lake Ontario.  Our team was the Sting.  We had never been clocked nor did we have any idea what to expect on the race day which was held on Centre Island, Lake Ontario in Toronto.   You might just imagine how we all pushed our oars through the water in unison to our boat drummer…so hard…unable to see, hear or focus on anything else.  Not knowing how we were doing, not knowing how fast we might be.  After 3 races that day we ended up coming 3rd in our group.  We were very proud and pumped up thats for sure.

7.  I have always loved to make things as long as I can remember.  I enjoy making something special that I’ve seen rather than just buying it.  I guess I enjoy accomplishing that challenge.  Many different things and crafts interest me.  Often times I wonder what I will be when I “grow” up and wonder why I have such difficulty even at this age determining what I would do in my life if I was starting over.  There is so much I would like to do and study for but haven’t because I couldn’t make that decision.  I think I could be described sort of like the “jack of all trades and master of none”. 

I tag Barb,  Lily’s mom, Kajsa, Kristen, Linda, Vicki and Barbara.



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5 responses to “Tagged for 7 Weird Things People Don’t Know About Me

  1. your #3 is so much like things i experience!! i have the same kind of premonitions, its kind of scary sometimes!
    i’m sure marc must love oahu, huh? i lived there for a short while but didnt like it so much…great to visit, not so great to live, just my opinion. it was waaaay too expensive and i always felt “trapped”….on an island!

  2. You do that too? Isn’t it eery sometimes? When it happens I feel the need to share it with that person, or with someone and sometimes I feel very awkward about it because if someone kept telling me some of these stories…I don’t think I could even believe them! Its neat though…. Hawaii is definately expensive…and I know what you mean about the island bit…you can only go sooo far around and around but as a tourist its very lovely.

  3. I am loving these memes now Judy because it really brings back some of the things I had forgotten about.
    Wow fancy living in a place where there is one generator for power….talk about LHOTP guess it wasn’t a one room school too as you bussed out….we did when I was 12 as well…real outback …my father was helping build a damn.

    Maybe we should do a mini memoir for ourselves …this really jogs the old brain!!!

    Thanks for playing Judy…I used to get the “funny feeling” but not so much now

  4. Kathleen, actually for 1.5 years I did attend a one room school in Island Lake. It was rather fun actually. I was in grade 5 and sort of in grade 6 also because there was only Orville and myself in grade 5. I think it worked out better teaching us similar things. Then the teacher moved away and the school closed and hence the long drive. The temps were soooo low and there was so much snow and that bus creaked for most of the drive because it was so freezing in there. Yes I found it jogging my brain too as I really started thinking about this.
    Thank you for sending me the meme!

  5. doing my tag today! finally!!

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