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NOT a Good Day For Ducks

Too Miserable for Even Ducks

You know how when its raining and and miserable out there we say its a good day for ducks?  Well…not our neighbourhood ducks.   As I was getting into the elevator to go home tonight I turned around to see 2 male mallard ducks huddled at the front door.  They looked to be getting out of the rain and initially were both right at the door as if waiting to get in.  These guys are pals and usually there are 3 of them.  We have a creek that runs at the sides of the building and across the road.  They seem to live here most of the winter because there have been evenings when I’ve heard them as I walk past the creek.  It has been dark and I think I’m alone until I hear this announcement of “quack quack”… always makes me chuckle.  They’re just saying hello…keep warm… 

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