Great KENO ticket….horrible ticket….

ALMOST $50,000. richer

Do you buy lottery or scratch tickets?   At work I collect the $ and purchase  Lotto 649 tickets every Wednesday for 16 of us.   We win free tickets and $10.0 or $5.00 here and there.  In February we won $1000. but divided by 15 we had just short of $63. It felt good though.

This Wednesday I decided to purchase a KENO scratch ticket for myself.  You scratch numbers from the KENO board and then you scratch those numbers from your playing tables on the ticket.  One number can be found in different tables as well.  I couldn’t believe my luck…great ticket…horrible ticket!  If you look at the bottom $50,000. table you can see the pink number “30” sitting there unscratched.  I had all the other 9 numbers.  Had that number 30 been up in the KENO board on the right top I would have been $50,000. richer.   :o(    thats all I want to say on that topic….

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