Bunny Canvas Bag

Have I told you I love bunnies?  Someone refers to me as his bunny :o) … and I collect bunnies.  I also really love Fitz and Floyd pieces and salt and pepper shakers , so therefore I have a small collection (so far) of Fitz and Floyd bunny salt and pepper shakers!  whew!  I’ll share them with you soon…

 That leads me to this post because I sewed a bag with my favourite bunny.   I drew the bunny on a pretty brick pink and white check print, sewed him on canvas did a little hand embroidery, attached my favourite colour,  a bricky red synthetic suede to the trim, green lining and voila…a new bag.


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6 responses to “Bunny Canvas Bag

  1. Here’s the pic finally. I think wordpress was having a bit of a glitch because I couldn’t post.

  2. that is so funny! my hubby and i call eachother bunny! well, now it has evolved to “bunners”!! LOL–love the bag, so cute!
    Drop by and give me a fathers day gift idea and you could get a freebie!! Not a big potof names so far, so the chances are good! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It is gorgeous Judy! I actually checked in as I thought I might have missed a post…everything okay?

  4. Hi Kathleen
    Thank you for checking on me…*s*. I have been busy doing different things and not settling to take pictures and writing or doing those other online things. My computer crashed for over a week and I had to get a new hard drive..and I’ve been car shopping… I meant to stop in and say “I’ll be back” but you beat me to it. I hope all has been well with you.
    Will write soon.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Torso!!

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