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2-Day Mini Cottage Vacation

Starbucks Coffee Yum

My brother introduced me to Guatemala Antigua coffee from Starbucks while we camped at the cottage the past 2 days.  It was obviously so yummy to me that when I got home I headed right to Starbucks to buy a bag and can’t wait until morning to brew a cup.

My brother and Janine Ken and Janine  drove  all the way  Ken\'s Bus   from British Columbia last week and now are at the cottage 2-1/2 hours north of me.  Geoff, Robyn, Madeline and I drove there together yesterday and spent the night.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We had a terrific time…      We swam swimming...……… and sat by the lake and fished fishing down by the water ….we watched and fed the chipmunk…..watching the chipmunk……. served up a yummy bbq dinner.  This is my brother and me Ken and I.  We  all worked hard together and built a firepit Roasting Marshmallows in our New Firepit and roasted marshmallows and made Smores……and laughed Sitting Around Together and told stories and watched the sunset The Sunset... and gazed at the stars.  We didn’t want to go home!!  On the drive we were fascinated by all the Inuckshucks which are stone figurines made high up on the rocks along the way.  Inuckshucks on the rocks on the drive home  How special it was to spend this time together…

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Hoops and Yoyo Blog

hoops and yoyo

Hoops and Yoyo have a blog site!  For all of you who enjoy them and sending on their best wishes in cards, check them out here Hoops and Yoyo


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All In a Week’s Time…

Folded Quilt      

I don’t know why I seemingly like to do this to myself.   What?   Think of something then procrastinate and then jump in at the last minute.  I knew about this engagement party and that it was THIS weekend.  When do you suppose I decided to go ahead with making this quilt for a present?  THIS week, a couple of days ago of course.   I haven’t even been able to finish the top.  There is more to it than I’m showing.  It won’t be finished for Saturday.  I think I’ll take a picture of what I’ll have done by then and enclose it in the envelope…unless I think of something else I can make faster before then..*grinning*…       Quilt on the Go

The raspberry bushes are full of raspberries ready to ripen.  They were planted the summer Madeline was born just about 4 years ago.  Madeline spritzes them with water and that must be why they are doing so well.

Madeline spritzing raspberry bush

Jack eyed his dad’s dinner plate and then grabbed the most appealing thing on it….a pork chop!  Yum.  It was a humid day which made some lovely curls in his blonde hair.

Yummy Jack..


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Feels like its been a long time…

Well I knew I hadn’t been here for a while but since the 20th of May is a long time.  I have been busy with things that didn’t include taking and posting pictures or getting ahead with some crafting either.  In between all of that my laptop crashed and I was off for over a week until my harddrive was replaced. 

I have been keeping busy with different things including car shopping….and I bought a new car this week.  Its a white Chevy Cobalt.  I have been looking at them for some time.  I drive a white Cavalier which is now replaced by the Cobalt.  I guess I like white cars.  They really are easy to keep clean or at least they almost always look clean.  I get it tomorrow.  I’m excited!

Jack\'s legging problem

This is a picture of Marc’s grandson Jack.  He’ll be a year old in another week.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at the cottage.  He’s soooo sweet.  It ended up somebody put his 2 little leggies into the same pant leg….he sat there and looked at his problem.  I’m glad he was looking down so he didn’t see the chuckling on our faces.  Cute little boy.  We straightened him up and he continued on with a happy day.


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