Feels like its been a long time…

Well I knew I hadn’t been here for a while but since the 20th of May is a long time.  I have been busy with things that didn’t include taking and posting pictures or getting ahead with some crafting either.  In between all of that my laptop crashed and I was off for over a week until my harddrive was replaced. 

I have been keeping busy with different things including car shopping….and I bought a new car this week.  Its a white Chevy Cobalt.  I have been looking at them for some time.  I drive a white Cavalier which is now replaced by the Cobalt.  I guess I like white cars.  They really are easy to keep clean or at least they almost always look clean.  I get it tomorrow.  I’m excited!

Jack\'s legging problem

This is a picture of Marc’s grandson Jack.  He’ll be a year old in another week.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at the cottage.  He’s soooo sweet.  It ended up somebody put his 2 little leggies into the same pant leg….he sat there and looked at his problem.  I’m glad he was looking down so he didn’t see the chuckling on our faces.  Cute little boy.  We straightened him up and he continued on with a happy day.



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3 responses to “Feels like its been a long time…

  1. New car and new hard drive…wow…hope the laptop was under warranty? Did you access your emails during that time? Is the new car a large car or a more fuel efficient smaller car?

    See what happens when you have not posted for a while…you get endless questions!!!!

    Jack is so cute and I like the red phone in the foreground showing that photo! A shot within a shot!

  2. I was wondering when you’d come back!! I was gettin worried there, LOL! Congrats to you on the car…and that little guy is ADORABLE

  3. Hi Kathleen
    Nope the laptop is 3 years old and no warranty..*huge sigh*. I hope we don’t have that nonsense for a long time. I did access emails from work but its not easy loading up pictures etc. from work….My new car is a GM Chevy Cobolt. It is a 4 cylinder and yes good on gas. I’m really enjoying the long drives in it.

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