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She Models and It Fits….

We had a lovely dinner visit with my son and his family and  I was so excited to see that the vintage pillowcase dress I’d made truly WAS Madeline’s size.  She has lovely blonde, curly hair and the dress looked angelic on her.  The picture doesn’t show it off that well because she wasn’t in the mood for modeling for the camera tonight.  She had her mind on all the neat toys I’d picked up last week at the wonderful garage sale.

Friday morning I’ll be driving to Marcs early so that I won’t be stuck in any Friday or holiday traffic.  This is a long weekend for us with Monday being the holiday.  I’ll be there for the week but I’ll be lurking around here I’m sure.

I just wanted to stop in to leave you with this picture….and bid you a wonderfully happy Friday and weekend.


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Child’s Vintage Pillowcase Dress … Vacation Thursday..

This is a better picture of the placement of my vintage “ladies in frame” I posted about earlier this week.

This is ANOTHER beautiful day on my vacation and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside sipping my morning coffee.   I absolutely LOVE my morning coffee…MORNING coffee then after that I’m set for the next 24 hours.  Sometimes, I go to bed just thinking of how I’ll love waking up in the morning anticipating that yummy coffee.  Crazy…or do you feel the same?   But just the morning one.  I like to have a cup of tea in the afternoon but neither coffee or tea past 7:00 p.m. because then  I know that even counting sheep won’t put me to sleep.

 I made the vintage pillowcase dress for Madeline last night from this week Tuesday’s thrifting finds.   I posted a tutorial a few days if you are interested on how simple it is to make.  

Doesn’t the hemlook look cute at the pillowcase edge     What a fun day I had yesterday I was able to work on different projects and do my own thing.  

My eldest son, his wife and Madeline are coming over tonight for dinner.  So I’ll have Madeline try it on.  I have enough material from the top of the pillowcase to make a similar dress for a doll I’ve made some time ago.  She needs a dress and then she can go home with Madeline.  We’re having fajitas so I’ve been doing up the peppers, onions, chicken, mushroom ahead of time.   It’ll be a short visit because she has soccer tonight so I’m going to be prepared so we can visit a while.  (If you check the post after this you’ll see Madeline modelling the vintage pillowcase dress-now I want to make more!)

On that note I had better get on with my preparations.   Have a lovely afternoon and delcious dinner too.


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Still Wednesday and Birdhouse Painting

This being on vacation has been wonderful doing things I love to do.  So, I have another post for today. 

Remember this unpainted birdhouse?    

I painted it this afternoon….and here are some different views. 


Another couple of good coats of varnish and it will be ready to sit outside….


Now that I’m done, the sun is out and the skies are blue.  Time to go out and get some fresh air. 

Have a really nice evening.  


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Wednesday Started Out With Relish!

I was up at 7:15 this morning…vacation or not.  Its an overcast, cooler kind of day just perfect for making my relish.  Last night I left the zucchini, onions and salt to mellow until the morning.  I now know why.  See all the liquid it pulled out?   I rinsed and drained the liquid and added the red and green peppers and the cider vinegar and the spices.   That I boiled for about 20 minutes stirring periodically. 

This is how it looked before going into the boiled cans     

I processed them for about 10 minutes and  Voila!!  Zucchini, Pepper Relish.   Ohhhh I hear the lids popping in the kitchen.  mmmmmm    

I wish I could share some with you today. 

If you are interested in the recipe its here again but  I changed it up a bit.  For appearance as well as taste I added 3 medium size red peppers as well as the 1 green pepper called for.  I also added one diced large English cucumber.  I added some red chili pepper flakes for a little taste and to the 2 jars with the coloured lids I added more chili pepper flakes.

Now its raining out there.  A perfect day to start on another project…hmmmmmm…what will that be?  I hope your day is full of sunshine and relish of sorts.


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Tuesday Thrifting and Relish Preparation

It was a gorgeous day here.  A great vacation day for myself.  I got so excited with the Fish Jugs Sheila posted about yesterday that she had found at a thrift store.  She spray painted them white and don’t they look amazing?      She told me it would be fine to share her fishey picture with you.  Her home is beautiful and the fish jugs look right in place.  Sooooo this morning … oh I can’t share this with you yet.  Not until….next week? I hope I will have it right here in front of my camera…next week!  They you’ll be able to see.  I hope we’ll be pleased. 

In the meantime while I was out picking up some veggies I deeked into a thrift shop.  I found some lovely vintage pillow cases.  

Doesn’t the yellow and white one look sunny and fresh?    

This one has embroidered flowers.      Now I have another new project to begin when I have a moment, a pillowcase dress for Madeline.     The 4 pillow cases were only $1.49 each except for the embroidered pair which were $1.99.

Keeping in mind about fish jugs and sharing with you next week….. I found and purchased this miniature bird jug.    It has the same shape and mouth as the fish, so I couldn’t resist not buying it.  It was only 99 cents.    

I found some more wonderful crafting books for my crafting library.       

 Aren’t these arrangements beautiful?    

  Two books for $3.49 what a deal!

Then I washed up the veggies for the Confetti Zuchinni Pepper Relish.  Don’t they look delicious?    Now I’ve sliced and diced all the delicious veggies and mixed the zucchini, onions and salt and they have to sit overnight.     Tomorrow bright and early before it gets humid I will begin the cooking.  Yum!

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Treasures…Cirque Capriccio…Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

After coming home from the cottage up north on Thursday, I had just enough time to unpack, do laundry and pack up again to make my drive to Marc’s cottage the following day.   This morning  (Monday) I made the 3 hour drive back home and wanted to share some pictures with you.

On the way to Marc’s I stopped at a couple of garage sales and found some treasures.  I bought these framed ladies  which I’ve hung up in my bedroom.    They were $5.00 for the pair.  Here is a close up of one of them.  They are in really good condition.  The lady I bought them from said she has had them in the attic for 50 years and prior to that they belonged to her  mother-in-law.  So they are pretty old.  That remark just made me laugh.  I’m glad they’re considered old and hope I’m not! She didn’t know anything else about them.  Do you?

I bought a couple of great crafting books.  They were $5.00 for both of them.  There were soooo many craft supplies there.   but I didn’t have very much US money with me…I’d already stopped at a couple of other places…and they didn’t take a credit card, go figure.    I’m going to have fun with these books because there are some really great crafting ideas in them.   

I also found a vintage pin cushion lady.   She has lovely porcelain hands and face.  I don’t know how old she is.    I paid only $1.00 for her.

At another sale I  bought a box of Pfaltzgraff dishes.      There are 2 sizes of dinner plates, 4 of each size and 4 sandwich plates and a bowl and there is also a tealight holder and the whole deal was $3.00.     My son bought me the cup a few years ago and I really liked the pattern.  Now I can eat cereal out of the matching bowl. 

I also bought this insulated carafe because I liked its shape.   It was a bargain at $1.00.  I made some ice tea and its keeping cold in it.       I have a set of these  glasses for lemonade or iced tea I picked up a few years ago for free actually . 

I also bought 3 A-1 condition amazing trucks and numbers toy made by FisherPrice, LeapFrog and Preschool for Jack.  They all made some sort of sounds or sang songs were only $1.00-$2.00 each.  For Madeline I found a  box of 4 puzzles of which 3 are still in their individual bags, and 2 sets of little miniature dolls with all all their clothes and accessories.  I bought an Osh Gosh denin jumper for her that is brand new.  I may try my hand at embellishing it with fabric and beads.  We shall see.  :o)   I’ve posted the lovely dress Shelley  embellished for her daughter again if you didn’t see it before.  

On Sunday we drove to Lewiston which is close to the US/Canada border.  Its a really cute, quaint touristy town   with some bautiful homes,            inviting shops   and crafts and nice places to eat.  I’m going to have to go back there and check them out and see what kind of treasures I can find.

We went to the Artpark to watch the Cirque Capriccio while listening to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  We had great seats and the music was beautiful while the performers consisting of husband and wife, and 2 other ladies, swung and performed high above.    We were surprised to learn the performers were from Vancouver, British Columbia considering I am Canadian too!   They did all kinds of other balancing acts on the stage.  They were great!  W e couldn’t take pictures but during the intermission I took a picture from the back which is up high.   We had seats and a roof but way up behind us people were also seated on the grass.         It was interesting to learn the husband and wife had performed with the Cirque de Soleil at one time.  They had taught some of their friends so they could practise with them.  Some of the friends over time had become so good and had expressed an interest to perform as well, and that was the start of Cirque Capriccio.  It was a lovely afternoon.

That was the end of my first week of vacation.  This week I’m home for a few days to catch up…cleaning…pictures…laundry…crafts….reading….SETTLING DOWN…before I head back at the end of the week.  Two more weeks to go!


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No Rain At Our Cottage

My mother, eldest son and his family and I I went up north to the Parry Sound area last week from Tuesday to Thursday.   Our cottage is about 2-1/2 hours from where I live.  Its definately a good thing we didn’t listen to the weatherman OR to to what the weathernetwork was telling us because we wouldn’t have gone.  The weather called for rain/thunderstorms/cloud with some sun.   We must have been nestled in a special place  because we had 3 days of lots of sun, gentle breezes and no rain.  The lake water was so nice we had a great time swimming and we ate and lived outdoors the whole time.

At the cottage this little chipmunk was so persistant that he wanted to get into the bird seed bag   I removed the bag and a little later we filled that little gazebo bird feeder with the seeds and hung it up in the tree.  It wasn’t too much after that we heard a little bird bouncing all over the branch…he was upset and tattle telling on the chipmunk…   Madeline is having a good look at the situation.    Geoff had to take the bird feeder down and then lifted the top and the chipmunk jumped out.  We secured the lid shut with clothes pegs so he wouldn’t get in and get stuck in there again.

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