Happy 4th of July!!

Flag Raising

Flag Raising

Happy 4th of July to you!  I hope its a very special day whether you spend it with family or with friends or doing something special just for you.

We’re going to a flag raising just down the beach.  There will be songs song and poems read and then we’ll all have American hot dogs and apple pie.  Its always a nice ceremony.  I’ve added some pictures that we took and posted after the fact. 

Bunnies by the Lake    Whatever you’re doing…enjoy.

Last night the kids came to have a bbq and celebrating their dad’s b’day.  Janet brought all the fixings for this very yummy dessert called Jello Berry Bliss Cake which she fixed while we watched.

Berry Bliss Cake
Berry Bliss Cake

        A slice of Berry Bliss Cake   A slice of Berry Bliss Cake

 We made some yummy twice baked potatoes and they really ARE yummy.   This is them on their way into the oven.   

Twice Baked Potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes

and this is them when we remembered to take a picture at the end of the meal.

All thats left..

All thats left..

 and this morning we fried one 1/2 gently and served with our scrambled eggs.  Twice baked and twice yum!  This is the recipe.  If you try them let me now what YOU think.



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3 responses to “Happy 4th of July!!

  1. BERRY BLISS CAKE=YUMMY! that looks soooo good! Hope your 4th was fun fun fun–looks like it was!

  2. bunnyb

    Mmm… that cake looks absolutely delish!! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

  3. I hope you enjoyed your 4th too. The cake seemed to be simple to make and so yummy with the berries that are coming out already. The weather could have been a little warmer and brighter but by the end of the week it just kept getting better.

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