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July 4th Weekend Celebrations

Today is the last day of this week of vacation and I’m going home tomorrow.  But it was a fun day.  I spray painted a wheel barrow I picked up for $5.00 a couple of weeks ago and planted flowers into it.   I’m going to brush paint the bottom red probably next weekend.  The flowers will look better once they settle in there and start spreading.

Wheelbarrow of Flowers



We made a spaghetti dinner tonight and our friends came over to share food and company.  Marc and Molly did this wine over dinner toast.

Sharing of Wine

 After dinner they drove back home in their golf cart..Molly drove..   You can see my new “Miss Daisy” car in the background and Marc’s new “Mocha” too!

Leaving in their golf cart  then drove across the lawn…

picking up passenger  they picked up a couple of passengers along the way….

  neighbours along the beach had a bonfire with their friends

  neighbours strolled by the cottage….

 sun setting    we watched the lovely sunset


 now we’re hearing the fireworks from 2 cottages down … it was a nice day.  I hope yours was nice too! 

Marc & I

Marc & I

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