All About The $5.00 Deals

Child\'s Highchair

I seem to find $5.00 deals lately and I have been very happy with that.  A couple of weeks ago on my way home I stopped at a garage sale and bought this child’s antique wooden highchair.  It really is in pretty good condition so I’m not doing anything to it.  It was $5.00 “or make me an offer”.  I didn’t haggle that price.  I wish I knew more about it though.   Can anyone give me information on it? 

It now sits with a very hearty, happy plant on it.  



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2 responses to “All About The $5.00 Deals

  1. wow, what a great deal! And the plant looks happy too! Don’t know much about it, but it looks to be in GREAT condition! Ya did great!

  2. Hmmmm…I do not know much about furniture, honestly. Wish I did…looks like you got a great deal though!! I love finding little odds and ends like that and then using them in an unconventional way!

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