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Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich with Nectarine Ice Cream

On the weekend Marc bought an ice cream maker.  Does anyone have one and use it?  We love ice cream and have talked about this often.  We couldn’t use it yet because we realized we had to put the insert into the freezer for 8 hours and didn’t have the time to do that when we wanted to use it.  Maybe this weekend? 

Anyway….I was visiting at lilyeden and read about squash recipes (take a look at all her beautiful handmade cards and tags and papers – yum) and travelled from there to this wonderful sounding –

 Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches with Nectarine Ice Cream recipe.      

This is the picture from the recipe site.  Now how good does that look and sound?  VERY!

Imagine it with peaches that will be coming out next month or cherries?  delish!  Imagine making the ice cream bit and eating it even without being sandwiched?  Should you go ahead and make some before me, be sure to report back how they were ok?


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