An Inspirational Attitude

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend…

This is a picture of a fish I had and he always seemed to be having a good day looking handsome in blue.

I am on vacation today at noon for 3 weeks and looking forward to trips to and from New York State, the cottage up north, visiting with friends/family & I truly hope there will be time for crafting.

I came across the following, it isn’t something that I wrote.   It made me think and I wanted to further share it with you too.  

 An Inspirational Attitude

Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or …
I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free.

Today I can feel sad that I don’t have more money or …
I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste.

Today I can grumble about my health or …
I can rejoice that I am alive.

Today I can lament over all that my parents didn’t give me when I was growing up or …
I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born.

Today I can cry because roses have thorns or …
I can celebrate that thorns have roses.

Today I can mourn my lack of friends or …
I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships.

Today I can whine because I have to go to work or …
I can shout for joy because I have a job to do.

Today I can complain because I have to go to school or …
eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge.

Today I can murmur dejectedly because I have to do housework …
or I can feel honored because the Lord has provided shelter for my mind, body and soul.



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3 responses to “An Inspirational Attitude

  1. Oh I hope you have so much fun on your trip–that sounds heavenly! Take lots of pictures and be sure to take time to craft!! Have fun!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you have a fun trip!

  3. Me again! I lived in Canada until I was 13. Most of my family is still there…in the Kingston, Belleville and Trenton area.

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