No Rain At Our Cottage

My mother, eldest son and his family and I I went up north to the Parry Sound area last week from Tuesday to Thursday.   Our cottage is about 2-1/2 hours from where I live.  Its definately a good thing we didn’t listen to the weatherman OR to to what the weathernetwork was telling us because we wouldn’t have gone.  The weather called for rain/thunderstorms/cloud with some sun.   We must have been nestled in a special place  because we had 3 days of lots of sun, gentle breezes and no rain.  The lake water was so nice we had a great time swimming and we ate and lived outdoors the whole time.

At the cottage this little chipmunk was so persistant that he wanted to get into the bird seed bag   I removed the bag and a little later we filled that little gazebo bird feeder with the seeds and hung it up in the tree.  It wasn’t too much after that we heard a little bird bouncing all over the branch…he was upset and tattle telling on the chipmunk…   Madeline is having a good look at the situation.    Geoff had to take the bird feeder down and then lifted the top and the chipmunk jumped out.  We secured the lid shut with clothes pegs so he wouldn’t get in and get stuck in there again.

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