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Still Wednesday and Birdhouse Painting

This being on vacation has been wonderful doing things I love to do.  So, I have another post for today. 

Remember this unpainted birdhouse?    

I painted it this afternoon….and here are some different views. 


Another couple of good coats of varnish and it will be ready to sit outside….


Now that I’m done, the sun is out and the skies are blue.  Time to go out and get some fresh air. 

Have a really nice evening.  



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Wednesday Started Out With Relish!

I was up at 7:15 this morning…vacation or not.  Its an overcast, cooler kind of day just perfect for making my relish.  Last night I left the zucchini, onions and salt to mellow until the morning.  I now know why.  See all the liquid it pulled out?   I rinsed and drained the liquid and added the red and green peppers and the cider vinegar and the spices.   That I boiled for about 20 minutes stirring periodically. 

This is how it looked before going into the boiled cans     

I processed them for about 10 minutes and  Voila!!  Zucchini, Pepper Relish.   Ohhhh I hear the lids popping in the kitchen.  mmmmmm    

I wish I could share some with you today. 

If you are interested in the recipe its here again but  I changed it up a bit.  For appearance as well as taste I added 3 medium size red peppers as well as the 1 green pepper called for.  I also added one diced large English cucumber.  I added some red chili pepper flakes for a little taste and to the 2 jars with the coloured lids I added more chili pepper flakes.

Now its raining out there.  A perfect day to start on another project…hmmmmmm…what will that be?  I hope your day is full of sunshine and relish of sorts.


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