Yesterday and Today…

  Its a breezy, refreshing day today which is so much nicer than what I’ve had all week at home.  Looking across the lake towards Canada I think about this huge lake that separates Marc and I the 2 countries we live in.   so this is a bit of a geography lesson looking at our drive mine starting from Canada above Toronto and above Richmond Hill on the map.  Marc would be on the under side of Lake Ontario close to where you see Albion in the U.S. 

Thus on Friday at the border I crossed the bridge between us at one of the 7 wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.  A very biggg falls and such a tourist attraction.   

 In this picture  you can see the Maid of the Mist (tiny between the bars) which is a ferry type of boat people board wearing these yellow raincoats that takes you right up to the falls.  I haven’t taken that ride because the thought scares me.  Whew it gets to close to the end. 

I drove into Lewiston where we’d been to the Artpark last week for a little drivethrough.  I did park the car and walk to an antique store.  I walked to the backyard and there so many things out there!  I was thinking of Ronda at AntiqueCottageRose when I took this picture  because she collects windows and paints beautiful pictures on them.  Take a look.  Well as I continued to the side the door was open to the basement which was really full of things for sale.  I was a little leery going down in there…on my onesome… Now that I enlarge and look more closely into the room I see on the dresser on the right, a lamp with 2 white glass shades.   I think I like that one and now I wish I had had a better look at it.  I saw a neat old wagon I was tempted to take home and do something with, but I took a picture instead.   In that place I saw 3 little ceramic owls but I didn’t dare take a picture but I would have bought them for Shelly  because I’ve read that she loves owls.  I stopped at a couple of garage sales on the way but just to look except for 1 thing I did purchase and slipped in with Marc’s plants   a garden globe!  Isn’t it nice?  You can even see me and my car in it.  Its neat the things you see and learn about while travelling on blogs.  I was on a lady’s blog who collects them and I loved the ones she had….and the next minute I find one and of course HAD to buy it.  I read online that years ago they were used in grand houses so people catering functions could sneakily glance into them to see if their help was required, and parents used them to slyly check out on the behaviour of their daughters when their boyfriends were saying goodnight to them at the door.  I think they are just plain pretty when the sun shines on them.

I put my birdhouse into the wheelbarrow with the flowers   and I think it looks right at home in there.  Don’t you?

Today we were out having a drive and I finally HAD to take a picture of this house  we always pass where they have this collection of plastic carasal horses all up the front and the side  of their  house.  You know the ones they have rescued from those riding horses on stands with springs our kids…well some of our kids would have ridden when they were small?  Well…they love those horses apparently. 

We were on our way to the post office and I got a package   and I was soooo excited.  Don’t you love getting something in the mail?  I thought about Sheila at and her fish jugs but nope…it was another purchase   a set of 4 milk glass snack pieces.  Aren’t they lovely?  I like milk glass.  I am not sure what their age is actually.  Would you like to come over for a little piece of cake and coffee…or sandwich and tea this afternoon?

The last thing I wanted to share with you is this lovely vintage set of pillowcases   Marc found tucked away in one of his closets. (I should have ironed them for the picture)  Because the cottage used to belong to his parents they’ve been here for some time.  I think they are so darling.   I can see another vintage pillowcase dress for Madeline from these.  AND when I looked at the little dress I made her last week I thought it would make a really cute little nightie if that darn pillowcase were a bit bigger to fit me.  Sooooo I have an idea running around and around in my head about that…hmmmmm…let me think…

On that note it has been a nice weekend so far.  I hope yours has been just what you asked for.  Enjoy the rest of it.

bye for now, Judi



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5 responses to “Yesterday and Today…

  1. Oh, you know how i love that you link me.,…I am so so flattered and love reading your blog and all your little adventures! I would have loved to see those owls!! i bet they were cute, huh? I have been seeing them all over the place lately too and i’m not gonna be complaining about that!! have a fun weekend!

  2. I feel as if I were with you on your journey. I love the globe …gorgeous colour and the milkglass tennis cup set is wonderful …yes I want tea..shall play lets pretend!There are some lovely groups on flickr you could load those up to Judi…its really fun seeing everyones china etc. Love your photo posts….just so much to see….you take us away from ourselves…thanks.

  3. Hi, oh, I’m just honored you would add me to your blogging buddies list! What a beautiful area you live in. I’ve never been to Niagra Falls, but maybe one day I can go. Love all your little pretties and that little snack set. It’s funny you mentioned me and my fish jugs, but you know what? I have collected those little snack sets for years (altho I don’t have any milkglass ones)! I have about 30 sets of them. I love to use them when I have a ‘ladies’ party!
    Be a sweetie and thanks for stopping by!
    Shelia 🙂

  4. Hi, Judi! Thank you so very much for the shout out and for adding me to your blogroll — I shall do the same!

    Yes, you have a wonderful eye for finding exactly what makes me drool — a PILE OF OLD WINDOWS! Of course, my husband turns pale whenever I bring another home — I have a shed full of more than 300 already….

    The rest of your finds were lovely, too – I have a passion for those old luncheon set. They are so ladylike and beautiful, and they make you want to have lovely manners and drink tea with your pinky sticking out!

    Hope your weekend is beautiful!


  5. I love the cups and plates. Lera from also found the same set.

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